Fleece Scarf with Crochet Trim Edge

I have been busy creating lots of new crochet, knitting and sewing patterns.  I had to make some time to post my new fleece scarf with crochet trim.  This scarf is very easy to make if you know how to crochet and can cut some fleece fabric.  There is no sewing required with this scarf only cutting fabric and crochet.

red fleece scarf with crochet trim edge  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Supplies needed to make this scarf:

  • 3/8 yd of fleece fabric
  • worsted weight yarn in multi color – I used Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn in Denim Plus
  • size US H crochet hook
  • applique scissors or some small very sharp scissors
  • fabric cutting scissors
  1. Cut the fleece 12 inches wide by the width of the fabric.  Trim off selvage ends.
  2. Using the applique scissors poke (or make a very tiny clip) across the lower edge of each scarf end approx. 1/4 in. from the edge and 1/2 in. apart – I made about 20.

Applique scissors  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Using the size H crochet hook and a yarn that works well with this size hook follow these instructions:

Row 1:  Pull yarn through one corner hole (leave a 6 in. tail to weave in later), ch 5, *slip stitch into next hole, pull up yarn and through ch on hook, ch 5, rep from * across, slip stitch in last hole at the end, turn.

Pull Yarn Through Corner  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Row 2:  *ch 6, sc in next ch 5 sp, rep from * end with sc in last ch 5 sp, turn.

Row 2  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Row 3:  *ch 8, sc in next ch 6 sp, rep from * across end with sc in last ch 6 sp, turn

Row 4:  *ch 10, sc in next ch 8 sp, rep from * across end with sc in last ch 8 sp, turn

Row 5:  ch 1, *9 sc in next ch 8 sp, rep from * across to last ch sp.  Fasten off, Weave in ends.

Row 5 of scarf trim  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Pattern Abbreviations:  ch – chain       ch sp – chain space    rep – repeat     sc – single crochet                                         sp – space

Crochet Trim on Fleece Scarf  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Fleece Scarf with Crochet Trim Edging  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

I really like how this turned out.  The crochet trim gives some color and fun to a plain fleece scarf.  I hope you enjoy the pattern.  Please follow my blog for future updates and patterns.  The buttons for bloglovin, email or RSS feed are on the right.

Have a great day!                                                                                                                                Kimberlee