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Working Out Week 26 of 2014


This week marks that we are halfway through the year – can you believe it?  I was able to workout for a few days this week but not the entire week like usual due to our ceilings being redone.  Our house was built in the early 1980’s and we have those horrid popcorn ceilings in most of the house.  We decided to hire a company to remove them from the lower level and that meant my workout room, also our living room, would not be able to be used for several days – which looks like now it will be five or six days.

Living Room covered in plastic for popcorn ceiling removal

The photo above is what my workout room aka living room looks like the past few days – the objects in the middle are our furniture covered in two layers of plastic.  This is a really messy process and I will be glad when it is all done.

ceiling scraped from popcorn texture


The photo above here shows the ceilings scraped of the popcorn – its hard to get a good photo as the windows are covered in plastic and they have removed all the light bulbs.

I was able to workout the beginning of this week since they started working on Thursday morning.  I did a couple of my Cathe Friedrich dvd’s and rode my bike one day.

  • Monday – Cathe X10 premix X41 – 41 minutes
  • Tuesday – Ride Bike + exercise ball routine for abs – 33 minutes
  • Wednesday – Cathe Lean Legs and Abs premix compound legs+bonus barre+core – 50 minutes

Cathe X10 workout

I love the Cathe X10 workout – tons of variety and lots of sweat with this dvd.  It is a combination of cardio and weights and lots of creative and fun moves.  The cat is supervising my moves, as usual.

Today, Saturday, I am hoping to ride my bike this afternoon or evening if it doesn’t rain.  The ceiling workers were here until about 1pm – they get here early like at 8:30am so I am not able to get up and get in a workout before they come unless I want to get up before 6 and I don’t.  I like to at least have a cup of coffee and breakfast and do my daily scripture reading before the workers get here.  They are also working in our kitchen so I have to be out of there by the time they show up.

It looks like the ceilings will not be finished until Tuesday of next week so I will only  be working out half of next week as well, unless I can do some outdoor activity in the evening.  I will be really glad when we get this project finished and our house back together.

I hope you had a great week and got in some exercise.  Have a good weekend!