Working Out Week 35 of 2014


I am not sure if it is because it is the end of summer approaching or what but the last couple of weeks have gone by so FAST!  I feel like I was just posting about week 34 and now it is week 35.

This past week I chose to vary my workout schedule with some Exhale Core Fusion workouts, Cathe workouts and riding my bike.  The change in the schedule was just what I needed.

  • Monday – ECF (Exhale Core Fusion) Power Sculpt dvd – 40 min
  • Tuesday – Cathe X-10 dvd – 42 min
  • Wednesday – Ride Bike + Exercise Ball book – 36 min
  • Thursday – ECF Lean and Toned dvd – 40 min
  • Friday – Cathe X-10 dvd – 38 min
  • Saturday – Ride Bike + Jump Rope + yoga – 35 min

Power Sculpt Workout from Exhale Core Fusion

I went back to using some of my Exhale Core Fusion dvd’s this week.  I haven’t used them in a couple of months.    I have mentioned before how I love the set up of these dvd’s.  Each one contains five 10 minutes segments that work a different part of your body.  Monday I did the Power Sculpt dvd and did four of the five 10 minutes segments.  All of their workouts are done in bare feet and give you excellent toning over your whole body.  They are a nice change from the high rep weights I have been doing the past couple of weeks.

Cathe X10 Workout

So then on the days after doing the ECF workouts I did a tough cardio plus weights workout from Cathe Friedrich called X10.  This workout is also kind of set up in segments where you can pick and choose what one or how many you want to do.  Usually I do the premix ones that are two workouts combined to make a longer workout.  You can do them single if you are short on time and need a 27 minute or less workout.  On Tuesday I did the X42 premix which is Hi-Lo plus Fat Burning Circuit.  On Friday I did the X38 premix which was Low Impact plus Step.  Both of these workouts also have a nice warm up and cool down that is the same.  I was very sore on Friday after the step session.  I woke up kind of sore in my legs and hips from the ECF workout from Thursday and this workout added to that soreness.  It is a good sore though – means I know it is transforming my body.

It is a little harder for me to ride my bike in the mornings with having to make sure the kids get up and off to school.  I managed to do one day during the week and then another on Saturday.  It wouldn’t be quite so bad if it was light out a little earlier.  I can’t really go until 6:45am because it is dark before that.  So, for now I am just going to be riding one or two days per week.

I did my jump rope workout once this week.  I am getting more stamina with the jumping rope.  I found a good workout video on YouTube that is from popsugar for a 10 minute jump rope workout.  I also found some other really good workouts on their YouTube channel. 

Food Prep Friday - Chicken

I also did some food prep on Friday (yesterday).  I like to buy really large packages of chicken breasts and divide them up and freeze already cut up or marinated so that part of the prep work is done.  It is a good way to save some time – that way when you thaw the chicken out it is already marinated and ready to be cooked in the oven, grilled or stir fried.   I have been doing this for several years.  I also have begun using this meal prep book again for some recipes.  The book is above in the photo and is called Once A Month Cooking by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg.  I bought this book several years ago from Sams.  There are one month meal plans in the book with shopping lists and the directions for all of the recipes.   Some of the recipes are pre-cooked and then frozen and others are just marinated or seasoned and then frozen to cook on the day of, as the ones in my photos.   The book also offers tips on making menu plans and shopping lists.

Weekly Fitness Tip:  Eat Healthy   – one of the best things you can do for yourself, in addition to regular workouts, is eat healthy.

– try eliminating all or most processed foods or pre-packaged foods and replace them with fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds.  A friend of mine once told me if you stick to shopping the store on the outer parts where the produce, dairy and meats are you are less likely to buy the processed, boxed items.  Of course we all need a box of cereal, some olive oil or flour so that method doesn’t always work for everything.  One thing I try to do though is not go down the chips and soda aisle at Walmart.

– learn to prep some foods and meals so you will have healthy choices available and be less tempted to go through a “drive thru” for a quick meal.  Remember “failure to plan is planning to fail”    I know that if I take an hour or two each week to get some meals prepped and in the freezer or just prepare some healthy snack options I am more liking to stick with healthy eating.

I hope you had a great week and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I too LOVE Cathe F. workouts. I have pre-ordered her new Hiit workouts that I think are to be released in October sometime. I own a lot of her other dvd’s. They are the best. I like to rotate things out though and do some of the Beachbody workouts I also own like T 25 and P90X3. I also love doing yoga – great for non cardio days. Glad to have found another Cathlete!

    1. Thanks Carrie! Variety is a must for me when it comes to workouts – I know I own too many and could probably start a fitness dvd library but I do use them – just not all in the same day or week! What workouts do you like to do? I like to find out what other people do – I always learn something new that way. Take care, Kimberlee

    1. Thanks Diatta! I know, when family comes to visit it is hard to stick to a routine – with a lot of things. I am so glad I found your blog and the wowlinkup. Have a good weekend! -Kimberlee

  1. You have such a motivational tone in what you share about your daily workouts. It shows it’s possible! I like your food prep day! I like marinating chicken or whatever for a while. It always does something wonderful to the flavor. Thanks for sharing another great workout week post with us at the Creative Style Linkup!
    Brittnei recently posted…#TuesdayTen :Things I Need To LearnMy Profile

    1. Thanks Brittnei! I appreciate you stopping by and your kind words. Yes, marinating things does seem to make them taste so much better. See you this week at the link up! Take care -Kimberlee

  2. I definitely understand about changing up the routine. I had to change my routine this week because I was so bored with the same routine. Found a couple of great videos on line to workout with now.
    Sharon recently posted…Homemade Lotion BarsMy Profile

    1. Hi Sharon – thanks for stopping by my blog. What workouts did you find online that you are doing? I am always interested in new things or seeing what others are doing. Have a good weekend! -Kimberlee

  3. Yes – it does save time. I need to do it more frequently like I used to. Now that my kids are back in school it seems a little easier to get things done. I made your pumpkin syrup and the coffee creamer – coffee creamer was really good in my morning coffee.

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