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Stripe It Your Way Crochet Book Review

Recently I was given the opportunity from Leisure Arts to review a copy of the book Stripe It Your Way Crochet for Home & Fashion by Kristi Simpson.  This book is a new publication from Leisure Arts.

crochet for home & fashion

Stripe It Your Way Crochet is for all levels of crocheters.  All of the projects in the book are an easy level so a person who is just beginning to crochet should be able to complete these projects and an advanced crocheter will enjoy working on something simple and quick to complete.

The projects in this book are for fashion accessories and for home decor items.  All of the projects use medium weight yarn and a size H, I, J or M hook.  I love the look of the various stripe patterns the designer has used with each of the projects.

crochet for home & fashion

One of the projects that caught my attention was the Star Blanket.  I have always wanted to crochet a motif style blanket and after seeing this pattern I decided I would make this one.  So far it is coming along, I am using my own color scheme with Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn in 5 different colors.  The blanket will look great in our living room when I finish it.  The pattern seems to work up quickly and is easy to follow.  You have to pay attention to the color changes though at the appropriate times as per the directions in the pattern.

Below is a photo of my version of the Star Blanket that I have completed so far.  I am on the third color out of five for the blanket.

Star Blanket in stripe pattern partially finished crocheted by Kimberlee

The Lacy Wrap is another project in the book I may start after finishing the Star Blanket.  This wrap is crocheted with an openwork type of stitch and features a border of flower fringe on the ends.  I think it will be a great spring or summer project.

crochet for home & fashion

If you like to crochet with medium weight yarn and enjoy striped patterns I think you will love this book.  You can click Here or on any of the Stripe It Your Way Crochet photos above to take you to the Leisure Arts site where you can order your copy of this crochet book.  *The links are affiliate links but all opinions in this blog post are my own.


Crochet Motif Cushion Project

Recently I have been into crocheting motifs.  Crochet motifs are fun to make as you get to change colors and have fun with deciding what colors will look good together.  I decided to use a simple square motif to design this 18 inch square cushion that I am using as a meditation cushion.  I also use the cushion on my coffee table in the evening to prop my tired legs and feet upon.

Crochet motif cushion using square motifs from Kimberlees Korner

I had bought a plain foam cushion at least six or eight months ago at Hobby Lobby and finally got around to designing this fun motif cushion.  The cushion is 18 inches by 18 inches by 2 inches deep.  I figured it would be a nice size for a meditation cushion or just for a floor cushion for someone to sit on.

The cushion is made by crocheting 18 squares in two different color patterns and then sewing them together.  The cushion is then joined together with side gussets that are crocheted around to make the two inch sides.  I decided to sew a zipper in on the one side so that the cushion could be washed.  I used my sewing machine and a zipper foot to sew the zipper to one side of the cushion squares and to other side of the zipper to the gusseted side.  Sewing the zipper in was pretty simple – you just have to remember to sew slowly and do not stretch the crocheted part as you are attaching the zipper.

Crocheted motif squares cushion with zipper sewn onto one end from Kimberlees Korner

Also, I decided to sew an optional muslin lining for the foam cushion because the foam was a light green color and I didn’t want that showing through.  I think it also makes it a little more durable.  I think if the foam is white or off white that you could get by without sewing a casing, or lining.  But making the casing for the foam was really simple.

Crochet Motif Cushion from Kimberlees Korner

The pattern for this cushion is now available in my etsy shop.   You can click on the highlighted word to take you to my etsy shop for more information about this pattern.

I have another crochet motif project that I am currently designing for a fun pillow.  It kind of has a red white and blue color them so I hope to have it done before the 4th of July.

Currently I am getting ready to have family visiting as my oldest son is graduating from high school next week – which is one of the reasons I have kind of been a little absent from blogging lately.

What kinds of projects have you been working on lately?  I would love to hear about them in the comments.



Free Knit Scarf and Crochet Cowl Pattern


Christmas is going to be here before we know it.  Are you ready?  Do you have all your shopping done and all your handmade gifts completed?  I wish I could say that I do but I don’t – I am not even close.  I have been so busy designing new patterns for my shops that I have not taken the time to shop at all.

I have a couple of designs to share today on my blog that are both pretty quick and easy to knit or crochet – so if you are still looking for something to complete for someone for a gift maybe one of these patterns will work.  They are both Free pdf download files.

Chunky Knit Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern from Kimberlees Korner

The above photo is of a Chunky Knit Drop Stitch Scarf.  It is super quick and easy to knit on size US 15 knitting needles.  If you can do a knit stitch and a yarn over and drop a yarn over you can complete this pattern.  Any chunky weight yarn will work.  The yarn I used was from Hobby Lobby – not sure if it is still available – it is called Yarn Bee Finale.  It goes from thick to thin and is a variegated yarn.  Drop Stitch Knit Scarf  You can click on the highlighted name of the pattern to access the pdf pattern and print.


Candy Cane Ripple Crochet Cowl Pattern from Kimberlees Korner

The other pattern I am sharing today is for a crocheted ripple cowl – I call it Candy Cane Ripple since it is done in red and white sparkle yarn.  You can choose any two colors you want with or without the sparkle, glitter, yarn.  This cowl is crocheted with a size US J hook.  It is a one row repeat so pretty simple to do once you master the pattern.  The cowl is crocheted in rows and then sewn together.  You need to know how to double crochet and chain and skip chains to crochet this.  Yarn I used was Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn in the sparkle – any #4 worsted weight yarn can be used.  Candy Cane Ripple Cowl Crochet Pattern  Clicking on the highlighted text will take you to the pdf pattern for you to download or print.  

candy cane ripple crochet cowl pattern from Kimberlees Korner

I hope you enjoy the patterns and are able to get some handmade gifts completed for those on your list.


*For my complete line of patterns please visit my etsy shop or my craftsy store – links are in the sidebar.

New Crochet Designs


I recently finished some new crochet designs.  The first thing I completed at the beginning of October was this crochet laptop sleeve and this little crochet case.

Vibrant V Stitch Laptop Sleeve plus Bonus Small Case Pattern Kimberlees Korner

I love this vibrant V stitch design used to create my laptop sleeve.  I was inspired to create this because I was tired of having a large laptop case to carry when traveling.  This sleeve is perfect for holding my 16 inch laptop and it will slide down inside a larger bag that I carry when I travel.  The stitch is also very thick so it provides some extra cushion for the laptop.  I also created this little mini case to hold the laptop power cord and the mouse that I use.

Crochet Laptop Sleeve Pattern by Kimberlees Korner

My other new design for October was this fun chakra yoga pillow or bolster pattern.  I was tired of using my couch pillows for a yoga bolster when doing certain poses so I decided to crochet one.  I got inspired to do one in chakra colors as I have a book about chakra yoga and thought a crocheted pillow or bolster would be fun to make and something I would use.  I am really pleased with how the pillow turned out and I have already used it many times in the last couple of weeks.  Along with this pattern I also made a yoga strap to go with the pillow.

Yoga Pillow Pattern from Kimberlees Korner

Yoga Strap Pattern from Kimberlees Korner

Both of these patterns are available here on my website under my Pattern Store tab. You can also find these patterns in my etsy shop, on craftsy and on ravelry.

Visit KimberleeG’s Craftsy Pattern Store »

What have you been crocheting or working on lately? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Have a great day!


Uses for Ruffle Scarf Yarn


Ruffle scarf yarn is for crocheting and knitting scarves – hence the name.  This type of yarn became very popular a few years ago.  It is still popular and you see it in craft stores or online in various colors an textures.

skeins of ruffle scarf yarn

I knit a LOT of scarves in this ruffle yarn.  I knit many for gifts, to sell and for myself.  After a while I got tired of just knitting scarves with it and decided to try using it as an edging on scarves or shawls.

crochet scarf with ruffle yarn edge

The above scarf is a crochet version I designed using Homespun yarn as the base and Patons Pirouette yarn as the ruffle edge.  The pattern can be found in my etsy shop.

Spiral Knit Scarf in Texas Tech colors from Kimberlees Korner

The photo of the red, black and white scarf is a knit version.  I knitted this scarf in Texas Tech colors for my neighbors daughter who goes to school there.  The ruffle yarn is a lot of fun to use with one or two other colors of yarn to showcase some team colors.  This pattern is also available in my etsy shop.

crochet cape with ruffle yarn edging from Kimberlees Korner

The above cape is something I designed about a year ago for my Grandmother.  Again the main body of the cape is knit with Homespun yarn and the ruffle edge is Patons Pirouette.  This pattern is easy and can be found on etsy.

garter shawl with ruffle yarn edging from Kimberlees Korner

The blue shawl above is a lovely prayer shawl design that is knitted in Homespun yarn and then edged with the ruffle yarn.  I gave this to my friend this summer who was going through chemo therapy to fight breast cancer.  Blue is one of her favorite colors.  This pattern is also on etsy.

It is pretty easy to use this yarn as a decorative accent.  You have to crochet or knit with your base yarn and the ruffle yarn held together.  Below are a couple of photos showing how to crochet or knit with it for an edging.

crocheting an edge with ruffle yarn Kimberlees Korner
crocheting a ruffle yarn edge

how to knit ruffle yarn edging

I have also found that a lot of the Homespun yarns from Lion brand yarn coordinate well with some of the Red Heart Boutique Sashay or the Patons Pirouette yarns.

Patterns for these designs can be found in my etsy shop – links above highlighted for each specific pattern or in my craftsy pattern store.

Have you used ruffle yarn before?  Let me know by leaving a reply in the comments and tell me what you made.

Have a great day!


Visit KimberleeG’s Craftsy Pattern Store »



Crocheted Bags


The past month or so I have been working on a lot of new crochet designs.  I was on a sewing spree for July and part of August and now I am on to crochet.  Instead of working on my normal scarves or shawls I have designed some new things – a couple of different styles of crocheted bags.

crochet market bags from Kimberlees Korner

The above photos are my new crochet market bags.  I had a lot of fun designing and crocheting these bags.  I think I ended up making four of them in about a week.  I made one in the round, the one on the left, a large size one which is the pink one in the middle and a medium size which is the royal blue on the right.

I love how quick and easy these are to make and the options – you can make one in the round if you don’t like to do seaming or you can make the other two versions that are not in the round but require some sewing around the sides and bottom seams.  All of the bags feature a fun top drawstring and tie handle.

drawstring market bag from Kimberlees Korner

red crochet market bag from Kimberlees Korner

The photo of the red one above is the fourth one I made and that one is crocheted in the round.

I decided I did not need to have four of these bags so I ended up giving three of them away to my three friends in my monthly knitting group.  They all seemed to like the surprise gift.  It also feels good to make things for others.  All of the other ladies in my group knit but do not crochet so I thought they might enjoy something different.

crochet market bag in bike basket Kimberlees Korner

I kept the periwinkle and blue one since it went with my bike that I ride to the store sometimes.  The bag worked well for holding groceries and it fit perfectly in my bike basket.

All of the market bags were made with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn.  It is just a basic worsted weight acrylic yarn but it works well for certain projects, like these bags, and it washes well.  It is one of the yarns I prefer if I work with a worsted weight acrylic – also there are tons of colors and prints to choose from and it is on sale every three weeks at Hobby Lobby.

The other bag I designed is a cotton crochet bag that I have named Shades of Color.  This bag is a color work crochet pattern – it uses three coordinating or contrasting colors.  I choose a light blue, navy and a dove gray for my bag.

Shades of Color bag by Kimberlees Korner

The stitch pattern I designed this bag with was a lot of fun.  The different stitches and the color changes make it interesting.  I have already used this bag several times for different shopping trips to the store and even to Hobby Lobby to buy more yarn – that I don’t need!

Crochet Bag from Kimberlees Korner

The Shades of Color bag is crocheted with Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton.  It is a good basic 100 percent cotton yarn that is soft and easy to work with.  It is also on sale every third week at Hobby Lobby – but not the same week as the acrylic yarn.

Both of these bag patterns are available for download purchase here on my site under Digital Downloads, in my etsy shop, on craftsy and on ravelry.  You can click on any of the highlighted links to take you to the sites.  Also, if you are purchasing the pattern on etsy  please use the coupon code BAG10 to save 10% off either of these patterns – coupon code expires October 15, 2015.
Visit KimberleeG’s Craftsy Pattern Store »

I am currently working on a couple of other crochet projects and a knitting project so check back to see what is new.

– Kimberlee

Sewing Summer Tops


Recently I have taken a little break from blogging.  One of the reasons being that I was gone for 10 days in July on a family vacation.   I have also been focusing on some other things during my break from blogging and one of them is sewing some new things for summer.  This summer I have made a couple of bathing suits, some lingerie  (posts to come on that later)  and some new summer tops.  In addition to sewing I have been doing a lot of crocheting and developing some new patterns.

One of the reasons I love to sew is that I enjoy being able to make something the way I want it to fit.  Another reason I prefer to sew my own clothing over buying it is because I can make something that will last a lot longer and wear better than many things you buy at the store.  I have some shirts in my wardrobe that I made probably 8 or 10 years ago that are classic styles that I still wear and they are still in good condition.  I don’t know if I have many articles of clothing that I have bought that I can say that about.

Summer Sewing Navy Top

The above top is one I made about a month ago and have already wore it several times.  It is perfect for our hot Texas weather in July and August.  This top is made from a pattern I have had since 2010.  The pattern is New Look 6965 and it has four or five different tops in the same pattern.  I have made a couple of the other versions in the pattern in the past.  This particular top features a tie shoulder strap that was suppose to be made with ribbon.  I decided to use my crochet skills and crochet the straps since I had the perfect color of navy blue cotton yarn to match the fabric.

Summer Sewing McCalls Top

The next top I made after the navy one was this light blue floral print button down shirt with a collar.  It is hard to see the tiny floral print on the fabric in the lighting I was in in the above photos.  I think I have had the fabric for four or five years and the pattern is very old – a classic from my pattern stash McCalls 2094 from 1999.  I like the style of this top with the front and back darts and the button front.  I have a couple of pairs of shorts and a couple of skirts it will go with so lots of options for wearing this shirt.  I even discovered a crochet headband I made years ago that is the same color blue.

Summer Sewing Purple Top

The third top I made was this purple print one.  This is another fabric I have had in my stash for years.  This top was made using a newer pattern that I purchased on sale at Hancocks a few weeks ago.  The pattern is McCalls 6967 and included in the pattern with this cute little top is a couple of dresses and a skirt.  This was a really simple pattern to sew and I will probably go through my stash and make another one – it only takes one yard of fabric and a couple of hours to make this top.

Summer Sewing Cream Twist Top

The last top I recently finished sewing was this simple knit twisted shoulder top.  This pattern was actually my own creation using a pattern from My Label pattern software and figuring out how to do the twisted shoulder.  The whole top is made with a serger and super simple.  In my etsy shop I offer a tutorial on how to make a top like this using an old t shirt.  This particular one I actually used fabric and a pattern drafted to my measurements.

Wavy Ripple Crochet Shrug

The other thing I finished in the past week was this crochet shrug – which I thought looked good with my twisted tank top and a skirt that I made a few years ago.  The shrug is one I started a year ago and put it aside to work on other things.  I decided it was time to get it finished and completed it.  I love the way it turned out and wonder why I waited to long to get it done.  This shrug is crocheted using Patons Glam yarn and is black and glitter sliver.  The pattern features a ripple and pretty scalloped sleeve.  I will be offering the pattern in my etsy shop very soon as well as on craftsy and ravelry.

School is starting here soon for my boys and we have been busy with the back to school yearly things that go with that.  Even though there is another month or more left of summer it kind of feels like summer is ending once the kids start school – I am hoping that means the heat will end as well but I have a feeling it will be another month or more before that happens.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool.


Handmade Holiday Giveaway

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Today I’m over at Skip to My Lou as part of the Bake Craft Sew & Crochet Along. I am sharing a wonderful crochet pattern perfect for holiday gift giving.Candy Cane Crochet Cowl

Click HERE to take you to Skip To My Lou blog for the pattern.

In fact, you won’t want to miss all the handmade gift ideas! I have joined over 100 bloggers to share some amazing homemade gift ideas……..AND I get to be part of an amazing giveaway too. Keep reading…

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Bake Craft Sew Crochet


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Handmade Holiday Ideas

Fall Crochet Shrug

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This shrug is a crochet project that I recently finished.  I actually started it a year ago and then it quickly became a UFO – or unfinished object.  I am sure if you crochet, knit or sew you know what I am talking about.  For some reason there are just certain projects that you set aside and intend to go back to but that doesn’t happen in a timely manner.  Well, this was one of those.  I am so glad to have finished it and have already been able to wear it once.

Fall Crochet Shrug

The colors of this shrug remind me of Fall.  The yarn I used to crochet this was a cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby called I Love This Cotton.  It is a great cotton yarn to work with and I have used it for a lot of other scarves and shawls that I have crochet or knit.  It also washes well.   I used three coordinating colors – a brown, orange and a maroon.  The maroon is my son’s high school color so the shrug will go with my band Mom shirt.

Fall Crochet Shrug

Shrugs are a great accessory to have, in my opinion.  They stay on better than a shawl or wrap and they keep your shoulders, upper arms and back warm.  I live in a warmer climate so they are perfect to wear in the early spring or fall.  I have also made some bulky weight shrugs that are nice to wear around the house in the winter when you are cold.

I will eventually be writing up a pattern on how to crochet this shrug but I am going to do another test run of crocheting it in a different yarn first.  Currently I am working on a crochet cowl and a knit cowl – I hope to have both of them done in the next couple of weeks.

What crochet or knitting projects are you currently working on?  Click on Leave a Reply and tell me about them.

Have a great day!Fall Crochet Shrug

– Kimberlee


Knitting Pattern For Lace Scarf


A couple of months ago I came across this Paton’s Glam Stripes yarn at Michaels on clearance and I purchased quite a few of the colors.  I figured I would be able to design some pretty new accessory patterns with it.Glam Stripe yarn

I am sharing a couple of the projects I made with the yarn and a free diagonal lace scarf knitting pattern.  If you click on the red highlighted text it will take you to the pdf pattern that I designed.  Below is a photo of the scarf pattern.

knit scarf with paton's glam stripe yarn

This scarf is a great lightweight accessory.  The pattern is fairly simple – a 2 row repeat and features bias (diagonal) ends.

Bias End of Lace Scarf

This scarf is super quick and easy to knit, too.  It is knit on size US 8 knitting needles.  You can use other yarns, not just the Paton’s Glam Stripes, but I like how it turned out with the coral Glam yarn and the glitter parts on the bias.

I also knitted a shrug in the navy blue Glam Stripes yarn.  The shrug pattern is available in my etsy shop.  It features an openwork knitting stitch and is also pretty simple to knit.

Glam Stripe Knit Shrug

I like how it turned out with the Glam yarn and I am looking forward to knitting more with this pattern and other yarns.  I love to take a pattern and experiment with different yarns or even different needle sizes and see what I can create.  Sometimes it can look totally different than the original I designed.

I am still working on my crochet project that I started a couple of months ago with the Glam Stripes yarn in black.  I seem to be knitting or sewing more lately than crocheting so it is coming along slowly.

Crochet Project with Glam Stripe yarn

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of August and are getting some crocheting or knitting done.  I currently have a few projects going and I will be sharing more of those in the coming weeks.

Have a great day!