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Crochet Pattern for Floral Motif Pillow

Crochet pattern for floral motif pillow pattern from Kimberlees Korner

Crochet pillow pattern for a floral motif pillow cover.

This crochet pillow pattern is for an intermediate level crocheter. The pattern is made with various square motifs that are then crocheted together to form a 14 inch pillow. The pattern requires knowledge of basic crochet terms and how to make a magic loop to start the crochet motif – you can google or look on YouTube on how to make a magic loop. You will also need to know how to single crochet, half double crochet, slip stitches, double crochet and chain to make the pillow.

The hook size used for this pattern is a US I. The yarn recommended is cotton yarn – yarn used in the photos is Hobby Lobby I Love this Cotton. The pattern requires 4 different colors of cotton yarn.

There is a optional zipper sewn onto one end of the pillow cover to make it removable so you can wash it. Instructions are given in the pattern on how to sew the zipper in using a sewing machine and a zipper foot. You will need to be familiar with sewing in zippers to do this part – otherwise you can leave the zipper out and just seam the pillow together.
Crochet Pattern for floral motif pillow from Kimberlees Korner Floral motif pillow pattern - crochet pattern from Kimberlees Korner Crochet pattern for floral motif pillow from Kimberlees Korner

Crochet Pattern- Shades of Color Bag

Shades of Color Crochet Bag Pattern Kimberlees Korner

This crochet pattern is for a cotton crochet bag.  A perfect bag to take with you when you go shopping.  I used mine the other day to buy some yarn and other sewing supplies.

This crochet pattern features a fun crochet stitch pattern that is a 4 row repeat.  It is a pattern suitable for an intermediate crocheter.   Stitches used in the pattern are chain, single crochet, double crochet, long double crochet – long double crochet explained in the pattern with photos.

The yarn used is cotton yarn – I used Hobby Lobby I Love this Cotton, which is one of my favorite cotton yarns.  You will need 3 coordinating or contrasting colors of yarn.  The hook size is US J hook.

The finished bag is approx. 16 in. wide and 18 in. tall.

Any finished items made from this pattern may be sold.


shades of color crochet bag pattern Kimberlees KornerCrochet Bag Pattern open view Kimberlees Korner

Crochet Pattern Shades of Color Bag Pattern  Kimberlees Korner


Easy Crochet Market Bags

Crochet Pattern for Market Bags by Kimberlees Korner

This crochet pattern is for 3 versions of market bags. The pattern is easy to crochet. The one version is crocheted in the round and the other two, the large and medium versions, are crocheted and then seamed together. The version in the round has more stretch than the other two.

These bags are perfect for the grocery store or for any type of shopping – I used one of mine the other day at the yarn store and they can hold a lot of yarn. All three bags are crocheted with 2 stands of yarn held together to create a very durable market bag. Each bag also features a drawstring top closure to keep your items secure. These bags would also be fun to crochet for gift bags.

To complete this pattern you need approx. 400 yards of a solid color worsted weight yarn and 400 yards of a multi color worsted weight yarn. All of mine in the photos are done with Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn. The bags are all made with a size US L hook.

Crochet Market Bag Pattern Kimberlees KornerMarket Bag Pattern - perfect for bicycle baskets Kimberlees Korner Close up of drawstring market bag top Kimberlees Korner
Medium size crocheted market bag - pattern by Kimberlees Korner Crochet market bag pattern crocheted in round by Kimberlees Korner Crochet Market Bag Pattern by Kimberlee Korner Large Crochet Market Bag PatternYou may sell any finished items made from my pattern.