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Working Out Week 36 of 2014


This week was kind of short since there was the Labor Day holiday.  I kept thinking Tuesday was Monday and Wednesday was Tuesday.  Therefore when Friday got here I was wondering how the week went by so fast.

For week 36 I decided to pull out my T-25 workouts and alternate those with yoga.  So my schedule was one day cardio and the next day yoga.  This was similar to last weeks schedule but I used different workouts.  I really liked my schedule this week and the workouts I chose.

  • Monday – T-25 Alpha Cardio + 2 Ab Moves – 28 min.
  • Tuesday – Shiva Rea Yoga – AM Energy dvd – bonus segment Heart Salutation from Radiant Heart + 2 Ab Moves – 22 min.
  • Wednesday – T-25 Ab Intervals + 2 Ab Moves – 28 min.
  • Thursday – Shiva Rea Yoga – AM Energy dvd Shakti Flow + 2 Ab Moves – 22 min.
  • Friday – T-25 Lower Focus + Find Instant Calm Yoga workout + 2 Ab Moves – 50 min.
  • Saturday – Ride Bike + yoga + 2 Ab Moves – 35 min.

T 25 Alpha Cardio workout

The cat and I have missed Shaun T and his T-25 workout.  I forgot how much you can sweat in just 25 minutes!  I did the entire workout last year from August to October – the whole 10 week schedule with my facebook fitness group.  Most of it is written about in my past blog posts.  I also attended Shauntervention here in Dallas last year around this time.  It was an awesome all day event where I got to meet Shaun T and learn more about him and his positive motivation.

Shiva Rea AM Energy Yoga

Tuesday we (the cat and I) did the Shiva Rea AM Energy dvd that I own.  This one contains three different 20 minute segments plus one bonus 20 minute segment from the Radiant Heart dvd.  We did the bonus Heart Salutation and it felt awesome after the fast paced cardio the day before.  I love the Shiva Rea style yoga and have many of her dvd’s.  I guess the cat missed doing her yoga too as he was around on and off my mat for most of the workout.

T 25 Ab Intervals workout

Ab Intervals was the second T 25 workout of the week.  This one is a combination of floor abdominal work and then some cardio in between.  A great session for the abs and the back to strengthen the whole core.

Shiva Rea yoga AM Energy dvd

The photos above are from my second session of Shiva Rea’s AM Energy dvd.  This time I did the Shakti Flow session.  This one has a free flow yoga dance at the beginning and then goes into the yoga poses.  Another great workout the day after T 25 and my lower abs were really feeling it after Ab Intervals the day before and the core work in this yoga workout.

T 25 Lower Focus

Friday I did T 25 Lower Focus, a combination of leg cardio and toning moves.  Another sweaty workout session.  After this I did a 20 minute yoga workout from a Yoga Journal magazine called Find Instant Calm.  This was a good way to stretch out and “calm” down after the cardio.

Abdominal MovesThe entire week I also included these two abdominal moves at the end of my workouts.  You can see the cat liked those as well.  I found these two moves from a popsugar video last week and decided to make it a goal to do 20 reps of each every day this past week.  I almost forgot to do them yesterday but got them in – even though it was a couple hours after my finished workout.Baking Sourdough Bread

Last Saturday I made some really good sourdough bread using some starter I made earlier in the week.  My oldest son has discovered he likes sourdough bread for sandwiches so I decided to make the dough in my bread machine and then bake the oval shaped loaves in the oven.  It made two loaves so I was able to freeze one.  Everyone has decided (all 5 of us) that the bread is really good.  I will be making it again in the near future.

Baking Sourdough Bread


Endurance Discipline Determination

Weekly Fitness Tip:  Endurance, Discipline, Determination – Keys to Daily Success

  • Starting an exercise program and then sticking with it are one of the keys to becoming more fit and healthy – Endurance
  • Getting your workout in regularly is not always easy or enjoyable but the end results are worth it – Discipline yourself to Just Do It and you will be glad you did
  • Remember that exercise daily repeated over time will get you results – Determination

-I think that once you begin a regular exercise regime and stick with it that it becomes part of who you are and what you do.  There are days I wake up and feel tired (didn’t sleep well) or just not very motivated to do my scheduled workout – but I choose to get up, get going, and get it done – which makes me feel so much better afterwards.

I hope everyone had a great week.  The weather here is still hot so I am not sure about getting ready for fall yet but it looks like I need to start thinking about it.  I have started stocking up on cans of pumpkin to try some of the new recipes I recently found on pinterest.  I also need to make a new fall wreath so I will probably work on that later this coming week.

Take care,


Working Out Week 9 of 2014


This last week of February has gone by so fast!  I can not believe it is now March.  This past week I completed week 8 of P90X3 and I also did a few extra workouts after my 30 minutes of P90X3 using one of my Exhale Core Fusion dvd’s.  I like those workouts because they are pilates-yoga based and are divided into 10 minute segments.  I did one segment each day this week after P90X3.  I really like how the Exhale Core Fusion tone your whole body – especially your abs and they give you a great stretch, too.

This week was transition week again for P90X3 so the workouts were as follows:

  • Monday – Isometrix
  • Tuesday – Dynamix
  • Wednesday – Accelerator
  • Thursday – Pilates X
  • Friday – Agility X
  • Saturday – Yoga

Isometrix and the Pilates are probably still my favorites for this week.  Below are the photos from those workouts:

Isometrix wk 8 P90X3

Pilates wk 8 P90X3

The Exhale Core Fusion dvd I used this past week was the Lean and Toned.  I did the following sessions:  Pretzel & Core – did this twice, Upper Body, Flat-Round Back (very hard ab and thigh workout) and Gluteal toner.  I have decided to try and start incorporating my Exhale Core Fusion workouts – since I have all of them – into my daily workout just for a 10 minute session.  These workouts really help tone your whole body.  Below are photos from the upper body session which is done with light weights.  Try doing the push ups with your hands forming a triangle underneath you – it is hard.ECF Upper Body workout  Kimberlees Korner

This past week was also the start of another fitness challenge for me called Power of Vitality.  This challenge is through my husbands work and spouses are allowed to participate.  You receive points for your daily workouts and at the end of the challenge, which I forgot to check the specific date on, you get to go shopping with your points and possibly get something really nice depending on how many points you have.  I think it is great that his company is encouraging their employees and their families to get fit and lead a healthy life style.  The Power of Vitality website also has a lot of great health information and even healthy recipes.  I tried one this past week.  It was a rice dish made with brown rice, turmeric, coriander and sundried tomatoes.   I had it for lunch two different days and it was really good.

Brown Rice with Sundried Tomatoes
Brown Rice with turmeric, coriander and sundried tomatoes

I am also reading the new Tony Horton book The Big Picture – 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life.  I am now on Law 5 – I guess that would be chapter 5.  So far I really like the book and it has a lot of great advice.

Quote from Tony Horton book

I hope everyone had a great February and are looking forward to an even better March.  I am going to continue on with the P90X3 program and also try to do my Exhale Core Fusion dvd’s as a bonus workout.

Have a great day!


Workout – Focus T-25 Week 1


This past Monday was the beginning of the T-25 workout challenge group I joined.  I am proud to say I “nailed” week 1 and have completed the first week of the 10 week program.

T-25 - Get It Done
T-25 – Get It Done

I have actually had Focus T-25 for 4 weeks and started using it 4 weeks ago.  I was on week 4 but started over on week 1 for the challenge group.

This workout is great!  I am loving the results I am seeing from it and the fact that it is only 25 minutes long and you work hard the whole time and sweat a lot!  At the end of the 25 minutes there is always a 2 to 3 minute cool down stretch segment with Shaun T.  The 25 minute workout is perfect for those who don’t have an hour a day to spend working out.  There is one day a week on the calendar rotation that is a “double” workout day though and that is Friday.  So, that day you workout for 50 minutes or you could do one of the workouts on Friday and do one on Saturday if you can’t fit both on Friday.

This past Friday was my first day doing a “double” Friday.  The previous 3 weeks I had followed the schedule but was only doing 1 of the 2 workouts on Friday.  I am so glad I pushed myself yesterday and did both.  I will say I did not do them back to back.  I did the Lower Focus first, took a 45 minute water and 1 cup of coffee break out on my patio, then I came in an pushed play again with the cardio workout.  I felt really energized by the end of the cardio workout.

post workout photo on double day Friday of week 1 Focus T-25
post workout photo on double day Friday of week 1 Focus T-25

Another great thing about this workout is that you don’t need a bunch of equipment to do them.  Most of them require no equipment or just an exercise mat.

This workout is a Beachbody workout.  My Beachbody coach is Joanna and here is her facebook page link if you would like to contact her for more info on Focus T-25 and the challenge group.  Just click on the highlighted link.

The first 5 weeks of the rotation are called the Alpha cycle and the last 5 weeks are called the Beta cycle.  The Alpha workouts for week one were:  -Cardio   -Speed 1.0   -Total Body Circuit   -Ab Intervals   -Lower Focus & Cardio for double day and Stretch on Saturday or Sunday.  So far the Total Body Circuit workout is the hardest one for me but I am able to get through it – I have never sweat so much before in 25 minutes!  Also, while doing this workout I noticed that the girl in the back and I have the same shoes – I noticed this the 2nd time I did the workout.  I thought that was funny because how often do you own the same shoes as someone in a workout DVD?

post workout photo after total body circuit week 1 day 3 of challenge group for Focus T-25
post workout photo after total body circuit week 1 day 3 of challenge group for Focus T-25
shoes - same as the girl in the back row of the workout dvd on total body circuit T-25
shoes – same as the girl in the back row of the workout dvd on total body circuit T-25

I have been working out regularly for the past 10 years on my own.  I do all types of different workouts to stay fit.  I would recommend this workout to anyone looking to lose weight or be more fit and energized.  There is a person in all the workouts who does a lower impact modification of all the exercises and you can always start with that and progress to the more advanced level.  Of course you should always consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Focus T-25 workout
Focus T-25 workout

I am not affiliated with the workout program, Focus T-25, or with Beachbody.  I am just a mother of 3 boys, blogger and designer who likes to exercise regularly to stay fit and wanted to share the info on this program.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  To receive future updates you can subscribe via RSS feed, with email, or through bloglovin by clicking on any of those icons in the sidebar.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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