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Sewing Ruched Front Top


The new ruched front tops I recently made are so simple to sew and super comfortable to wear, too.  I decided to make these after seeing some tops like this somewhere and I liked the look.   I didn’t even have to go and buy another pattern, thankfully, since I have quite a few already.  Ruched Front Top in Cotton fabric Red Ruched Front Top in Knit Fabric

The red top in the photo just above is the first one I made.  I bought this fabric on clearance and I decided to use something that wasn’t real expensive in case the top didn’t turn out.  Well, it did turn out and I have already wore it several times.  I am glad the clearance fabric is soft and washes well.

Ruched Knit Top

After making the light red color one in a knit fabric I decided to make one in a cotton fabric.  I love good quality cotton fabrics and I think some of the cottons I find at quilt shops make great fabrics for clothes and bags, too.

Ruched Cotton Floral Top

I have plenty of cotton fabric in my stash and I had this one in a pretty summer looking floral.  I have had it for a couple of years as I remember I made a skirt with some of it and a bag, too, a couple of years ago – both of them I still have and wear-use.  I really like how this one turned out bright and colorful and I have a couple of pairs of shorts to wear with it.

Both versions of this top turned out well.  In my opinion though the knit one has a better drape and look to it for this type of design.

How To Make a Ruched Front:

To make a top like this you just need to know how to sew and to gather fabric.  You will need a two piece pattern for a top with a front and back and a small cap sleeve or even a sleeveless top.  Below are some photos on how to create the ruched front.

Creating ruched front top with pattern drafting material

I used a pattern for a cap sleeve top that I have designed from the Bernina My Label program I own.  I recommend using pattern drafting material – its kind of like interfacing – and tracing your top front pattern piece so you don’t ruin your actual pattern.  (mine is kind of wrinkled in the photo from use and also from a cat who likes to sit on it)  You will just need one side of the front traced.  Then draw lines which start at the center front and extend almost to the side edge.  You can see in my photo above I have 6 slash lines.  Cut these lines and then spread them apart to open the center front – this is the part that will be gathered.  I used some tape to hold the slashes about 1 to 2 inches apart.  I then retraced the pattern piece.  Front of Ruched Top pattern cut out

Above is the photo of my cut out pattern piece and the marked areas for where I gathered the fabric.  To do this I just ran two long basting stitches on each side of the front piece and then pulled them up to gather until the lower part of the top seemed straight.  I then placed the fronts right sides together and sewed them.  You may want to sew an extra row of stitching to hold the gathers in place.  I then just finished the top according to the pattern.  Super fun and simple to sew.

What projects are you currently working on?  Click on Leave a Reply and tell me about them.

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Easy Sewing Pattern For Tops


One of my favorite sewing pattern brands are Kwik Sew patterns.  I realize they are a bit more expensive than some other pattern companies but I don’t mind paying extra for a stylish pattern that fits well and has excellent directions.

The other nice thing about their patterns is they are often classic styles.   They also come printed on nice heavy paper, not that thin tissue paper that tears easily.  All sizes are included in the pattern and I have found that if you want to sew something for yourself and then use the same pattern for someone that is a different size you can easily use this thin, see through, pattern tracing fabric – its kind of like interfacing and is usually sold near the interfacing – to trace multiple sizes.  I have also used quilters grid before to trace patterns since you can see through it.

One of my favorite Kwik Sew patterns that I bought years ago and have made many times in various fabrics and prints is pattern number 3632.  This pattern is for a top or dress that has an elastic casing at the neckline and sleeve cap to gather those areas in and create and cute and flattering top.  Kwik Sew Top made by Kimberlee


Back of White Knit Top sewn by Kimberlee

This white knit top above is one I made in the past month.  It was super quick and easy to sew.  There are only 2 pattern pieces and then you have to sew the casing for your elastic at the neck and arm area, hem the bottom and its finished.

Blue and Yellow Chevron Cotton Top sewn by Kimberlee

The blue, yellow and white chevron print top above is also made using the same pattern but with a cotton fabric.  The pattern is very versatile and I have used various types of fabrics for it.   I love how easy it is to make one of these tops – like in a couple hours or less.   I have also used stitches other than a straight stitch to sew the topstitched area – on these two tops I used a narrow zigzag stitch for the casings and the hems.

This particular pattern would be a great project for someone learning to sew.  The pattern is really easy to read and to sew.  I also noticed that Hobby Lobby is now carrying some of the Kwik Sew patterns as well as Joann and Hancocks.  In the past in my area I could only buy them at Hancocks.

What types of sewing projects do you like to do?

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Knit White Top sewn by Kimberlee

Sewing Navy Knit Top


This navy knit top is made from a Butterick pattern that I bought at least a year or two ago.  I am sure I got the pattern when they were on sale and had great intentions to sew it up asap but life got in the way – or other sewing projects!

Knit Top made by Kimberlee from Kimberlees Korner

I got really motivated to make this when I saw Deby from So Sew Easy post her finished versions of this top on her blog a couple of months ago.   I made a comment to her on how I also had the same pattern and she responded that it was really easy to sew.  I decided I needed to get it done!

One of the reasons I had put off making this top was while it said it was easy on the pattern it looked somewhat complicated after I had cut out the pieces.  There really are not many pieces to it – like maybe 4 or 5 – but it still looked like a challenge.  I have a lot of sewing experience and make a lot of my own clothes but I remember making this other twist front top a couple of years ago and it did not fit me correctly.   It was too low in the front and I didn’t like wearing it.

This sewing project was much more successful than my previous one.  I made the size 10 – the smallest size is an 8 and based on the measurements I went with the 10.  I did decide to adjust the lower V point up a little and I am glad I did or I think it would have been too low cut for my taste.  I think I brought that point up about an inch.  The gathered front area is very attractive and the top is comfortable to wear, too.

Navy knit top and pants sewn by Kimberlee from Kimberlees Korner

I also made some pants from the same fabric using the Bernina My Label pattern that I have for just the basic pull on pant.  They are really comfortable and the fabric has a poly blend with the cotton so they don’t get too baggy when you wear them.  I am not sure where I bought the fabric – maybe Joann’s.  I have had it in my stash for several months now.  I tend to buy fabric when it is on sale and stick with colors I like.

Back view of navy knit top sewn by Kimberlee from Kimberlees Korner

The above is the back view of the top.  Sorry it is a little wrinkled – I took the photos later in the day after I had been to church and sitting for a while.

I will definitely make this top again.  There are two other versions in the pattern.  They have the same front but one is sleeveless and the other is longer, more like a tunic, with long sleeves.  I think I will make the long sleeve tunic version next so I can wear it with some new leggings that I recently made.

Have a great day!

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