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New Recipes Recently Tried

I have been trying some of the recipes I have pinned from pinterest lately.   To check out my recipe board on pinterest click on this link.  I wanted to share 2 that I made yesterday that turned out really good.

The first was the date and nut energy bars.  I took a photo of them but they don’t photograph too well.  They taste much better than they look.  Very sweet and satisfying!  I will definitely make them again.  I didn’t have any whole dates so I used some chopped ones I had on hand.  I think they will turn out better with the whole dates as recommended in the recipe.  They are a tad bit crumbly and I think it is because of the chopped dates.  I made mine with dates, dried cherries and walnuts.  They only take 3 ingredients.

Date Energy Bars - with dried cheeries and walnuts
Date Energy Bars – with dried cherries and walnuts

The other recipe was Cheesy Tex-Mex Chicken in the crock pot.  I made it yesterday as well and we had it for dinner.  Everyone loved it!  I made it using my own homemade salsa and without the corn.  I didn’t have any and figured it would be fine without it.  We ate it with some yellow rice and wrapped the chicken mixture in flour tortillas.  I will say that my sons were questioning the meal when they looked at it but once they tried it they loved it!  I told them it is better to try it first than to judge how it will taste by how it looks.  Some things taste really good but don’t always look so appealing.   If you click on the link above it will take you to the recipe and there is a  photo there.

I will be trying other recipes from my pinterest boards during the summer so check back often or follow my blog via RSS feed by clicking on the icon in the sidebar or through bloglovin which is also in the sidebar.  You can also follow me on Pinterest.