Working Out Week 28 of 2014

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Another week has gone by and I was able to get back into my normal routine of working out each morning now that the ceiling renovations are done and I am feeling better.

  • Monday – Cathe – LIS (Low Impact Series) Cardio Supersets – 41 min
  • Tuesday – Ride Bike + Yoga – 32 min
  • Wednesday – Cathe LIS Turbo Barre – 52 min
  • Thursday – Ride Bike Walk + Yoga – 35 min
  • Friday – Cathe LIS Afterburn – 54 min
  • Saturday – Ride Bike + Yoga – 35 min

I decided to do my Cathe Friedrich Low Impact Series workouts since I was still only about 70% better at the beginning of the week.  The LIS workouts are still challenging but not as hard or intense as some of her other workouts.  Cathe Supersets Workout


After completion of Cardio Supersets

As you can see by the workout photos above and the post workout photo of all the sweat that the low impact workout does not mean easy.  These workouts are still challenging but less intense and not so hard on the joints – a lot less jumping but it still gets your heart rate up.

On the days in between doing LIS I rode my bike and came home from riding to do a little outdoor yoga on the back patio.  I went out on Tuesday to a very flat tire on my bike so I pumped it up, rode anyhow and kept checking behind me to make sure it was holding air.  When I went out to ride on Thursday the tire was completely flat again so I decided to walk instead and not risk riding on the bad tire.  I discovered we had another tube to replace it so my husband fixed it for me Friday night and I was able to ride again on Saturday.  I did enjoy walking for a change though on Thursday.  It is nice to have variety – keeps me from getting bored of exercising.

Cathe Turbo Barre Workout

On Wednesday the LIS workout I chose to do was the Turbo Barre workout.  I have not done this workout is quite a while and really like it.  The workout is done in bare feet and uses minimal equipment – just a chair, or a barre if you have one, some light dumbbells and a loop band – and your cat on your chair!  My cat loves to sit on the chair during this workout.  It is over 50 minutes so I think he left for a few to go eat his food – then he was back.  This workout offers total body conditioning with a primary focus on the legs, hips and butt.  I have decided to try and incorporate this in my weekly routine at least once a week for the next month to see the results.  I like how it lengthens and defines the lower body.

Cathe Afterburn Workout

Afterburn was the other Cathe LIS workout I used this week.  It is a total body cardio and conditioning workout that offers a lot of variety using the slide and glide discs (that my cat loves), some dumbbells and dixie cups as markers or props for the workout.  Again it is low impact but not easy and you will sweat a lot.

I also made a new granola recipe this week.  It is one I found on another blog a couple of months ago and had pinned it to one of my pinterest boards.  It is a white chocolate cranberry granola.  I changed the recipe a bit to have a little less brown sugar and used oil in place of the butter.  One of my son’s loves it and he is usually kind of picky.  He saw me putting in the coconut and didn’t think he would like it but he said it smelled really good so he tried it and had two small bowls when it was still warm from the oven.

White Chocolate Cranberry Granola with blueberries

The photo above of the granola is with some fresh blueberries added to it and some soy milk.  That was my breakfast this morning.   My son didn’t want the dried cranberries in his so I am just storing the granola and adding in what I want as I eat it.   This is really good if you warm the granola a little bit and then add a few of the white chocolate chips and they sort of melt onto the granola.  It would also be good with dark chocolate chips, I think.  I will probably try that out next.

I hope everyone has had a great week.  Tell me about your workouts or any new recipes you have tried by clicking on Leave a Reply.  Also, for future post and updates you can follow my blog via bloglovin, email or RSS – all icon are in the right sidebar.

Have a great day!


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