Working Out Week 41 of 2014


This past week I got back on track with my workouts.  They were all Cathe Friedrich workouts I own and some yoga at the end of the week.

  • Sunday – rode bike to store for a few groceries
  • Monday – Cathe – Hiit  – Double Wave Pyramid – 30 min.
  • Tuesday – off
  • Wednesday – Cathe Hiit – 30/30 – 30 min.
  • Thursday – Cathe Ab Circuits – Stability Ball Abs – 20 min.
  • Friday – Cathe Low Impact Circuit – Premix Upper Body Sculpt – 31 min.
  • Saturday – Yoga – Find Instant Calm routine from Yoga Journal Magazine – 20 min.

Cathe Hiit Double Wave Pyramid workout

The cat and I were so glad to be able to do our regular workouts again now that the wood floor is done.  I like working out on it for the cardio.  I chose to do my Hiit dvd- high intensity interval training – for the purpose of testing out how cardio would be on the new floor.  It is a little hard on your back for the ab workouts, even with a mat.  I am thinking I will have to invest in a thicker mat for ab workouts or yoga.

Cat waiting to workout

Here the cat is above waiting to get going with the Hiit workout on Wednesday.  He was all over and around the step when I wasn’t using it as seen in the below photos.  I had to do a lot of those continuous kicks – at least 24 in a row per side and avoid kicking him at the same time – an extra workout challenge.

Cathe Hiit 30 continuous kicks


CatheHiit 30 workout


Cathe Ab Circuits Ball Abs

I love doing the abdominal workouts that use the stability ball.  There are at least 5 or more different workouts on the Ab Circuits dvd and the stability ball one is a favorite for me.

I am continuing to use my juicer almost every day.  I have checked out some other juicing books from the library with some good recipes and I also bought one on sale at Barnes and Noble a couple of days ago.    I am really noticing a difference in my stomach becoming flatter and in less cravings for sweet foods since I have been trying to drink at least one or two juices per day.  I also notice increased energy.  One of my sons is also getting interested in trying some of the juices – mainly the fruit ones, no green ones for him yet.

Root Juice

I am also just finishing the second week of the green smoothie challenge that I mentioned in last weeks fitness post for week 40.  I have created a recipe of my own that I am really enjoying and drank a couple of times this past week.  There was one day that I forgot to drink my green smoothie and that was on Wednesday.  I did have a juice that day though.  The recipe I made up is below – I am calling it Peachy Green as it has spinach and peaches in it and is a really pretty green color.  I think it tastes good and I can not tell there is spinach in it except for the fact that it is green!

Peachy Green Smoothie Recipe


Positive Results


Weekly Fitness Tip:  Be Patient, Be Persistent, Have Perseverance

– Change takes time – you can not expect miracle weight loss overnight

– Keep at it – don’t let a set back or two get you off track and going back to your old bad habits.  Look at how far you have come and how much better you feel.

– Realize that there will be ups and downs but stay committed to better health and you will succeed

In our weekly newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, there was and article on health and fitness on Wednesday.   It was very inspiring about a lady who weighed almost 400 pounds when she was around 29 or 30 years old.   She got some bad health news from here doctor a few years ago and decided to do something to take charge of her life – the article said she began walking as that is all she could do at the time.  Within three or four years she lost over 200 pounds and has gone on to become a personal trainer who is now helping others.  I thought that was such a great story about someone who succeeded in taking charge of their life and making a positive change.

Well, I hope everyone had a good week and you are enjoying your weekend!


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6 Replies to “Working Out Week 41 of 2014”

    1. Thanks, Diatta! I always feel great and ready for the day afterwards. I really love Cathe Friedrich workouts. I have pre-ordered her Hiit series that is due to come out in the next month and can’t wait to start doing those. Thanks for hosting the weekly link up.

  1. We are planning to move and where we are moving is pretty close to my husband’s job. One of the things we are looking forward to is him taking some days to walk or ride a bike to work to get more exercise. Your day 1 activity reminded me of this. Your smoothie recipe looks yummy! Do you crochet or knit. I’ve been noticing these things more lately since I’ve just found my love of crocheting. 🙂
    Brittnei recently posted…Creative Style Linkup- Week 18My Profile

    1. Hi Brittnei! It sounds like the move will be nice and you will be able to save some money on gas by your husband walking or riding a bike to work. We are about 4 miles from my husband’s work and he has rode his bike some in the past. He said it was a nice stress relief on the way home, too. Yes, I do crochet and knit and also sew. I enjoy making things and they seem to last longer than things I buy. Crocheted scarves make nice gifts, too.

  2. I am amazed by all of your exercise you have been doing. Wow! I walk my dog for a 1/2 hour everyday and at least I’m moving a little bit each day. You are like a machine! LOL! I used to go to the gym with my friend a few times a week and then she moved away and it just wasn’t the same anymore for me. Well thanks for your sweet comments on my crochet projects I made. Enjoy the week.
    Julie recently posted…Crochet Fun & Enjoying Fall!My Profile

    1. Thanks Julie! Yes, I have made working out on my own a priority every morning for the past 6 or 7 years or longer. I feel better if I get a workout in – even if it is just yoga for 20 min. I like to walk, too and sometimes go in the evening. Have a good weekend! -Kimberlee

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