Workout – Week 3 Focus T25 Beta Round


The third week of Beta round is complete!  I am really starting to notice things changing after this week.  My core and lower abs seem much tighter than they were just a week ago.  My stamina during the workouts has also greatly improved since I started the program 11 weeks ago.

I do not own a scale so I do not know how much weight I have lost since starting T25.  I do know my clothes are fitting differently – loose in the waist and hip area.  I have lost approximately 5 3/4 inches over all.   The most significant loss has been in the hip area for a total of 2 1/2 inches.  That is followed by the waist where I have lost 1 1/2 inches.   I have lost the least amount of inches in the arms and thighs but I didn’t feel like those two areas were that critical to me.  I am very pleased so far with my results.

The schedule for the past week was:

-Core Cardio    -Upper Focus    -Speed 2.0    -Rip’t Circuit    -Dynamic Core & Speed 2.0 on Friday

Below are some of the photos from this past week.   The one photo is of the shirt I bought at ShaunTervention last weekend and the other shirt photo is of one I embroidered titled NO EXCUSES.

Shirt I bought from ShaunTervention event in Dallas to workout it - it says This Ain't No Coffee Break Kimberlees Korner
Shirt I bought from ShaunTervention event in Dallas to workout in – it says This Ain’t No Coffee Break
Kimberlees Korner

New workout t-shirt I embroidered NO EXCUSES Kimberlees Korner
New workout t-shirt I embroidered NO EXCUSES
Kimberlees Korner




Beta round T25 week 3 Rip't Circuit  Kimberlees Korner
Beta round T25 week 3 Rip’t Circuit Kimberlees Korner
Beta Week 3 double workout Friday - Core Speed + Dynamic Core
Beta Week 3 double workout Friday – Core Speed + Dynamic Core

On Friday, the double workout day, the schedule was for Speed 2.0 + Dynamic Core.  The workout set came with a bonus dvd called Core Speed.  It tells you that you can replace Speed 2.0 with Core Speed so that is what I did this past Friday since I had just done Speed 2.0 on Wednesday.  I had already done Core Speed a few times during the Alpha round as an extra Saturday workout but had not done it in over 3 weeks.  I really like Core Speed – I think better than Speed 2.0.  Both are very fast paced but I like the moves better in Core Speed.

I also bought a new yoga book this past week and have stated doing some of the routines from the book in the evening or on the weekend days.  I love T25 for the cardio and sculpting but my body is telling me I need more flexibility and stretching – I also think I have been missing my yoga!  I will plan to review the yoga book and my progress with it after I have used it some more.

I hope everyone had a great week with their workouts.  I will post again next week after week 4 of T25 Beta is complete.

Have a great weekend!  photo dbaf2cd4-dd2b-49d6-8838-f9aff3fe3cbb_zpsca4b926e.jpg









8 Replies to “Workout – Week 3 Focus T25 Beta Round”

    1. Thanks Diatta! Yes, it does work well – this is actually from last year – my flashback post for the link up – but I am currently using it again – just not doing the whole entire 10 week schedule this time.

  1. I love checking out your new shirts, Kimberlee! “This ain’t no coffee break”. – love it! I think I need to get some new workout DVDs. I’m slacking big time and winter is coming so I need something to do indoors. Do you have an absolute favorite?

    1. Hi Kristin! Thanks for the shirt compliment. My fashion side gets to come out a little with my workout clothes I make or embroider!
      I really like the T25 workout since it is easy enough to fit in a busy schedule since you can be done in less than 30 min. and get a good cardio workout and a little weights in the Beta round.
      I also like Cathe Friedrich’s workouts and she has some new dvd’s coming out this week or next – I have pre-ordered them so I should get mine soon. I will be doing those after I finish the 10th week of T25 next week. I plan to review hers some on my blog as well. I have many of her other workouts, too. Her Low Impact Series is awesome- I like that she offers lots of premixes on her dvd’s so if the workout says 50 min. she usually has a shorter 25-35 min. version on the same dvd. She offers cardio & strength training on her dvd’s. Hope this helps you decide.

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