Workouts Week 50 of 2013

Workouts this week were from my Cathe Friedrich Low Impact Series.  I believe I purchase that a couple of years ago.  There are some really great workouts on the 10 dvd set.  The ones I decided to do were:

  • Monday – Slide & Glide Muscle Conditioning premix – 30 min
  • Tuesday – Slide & Glide Cardio – 31 min
  • Wednesday – Turbo Barre – 40 min
  • Thursday – Total Body Trisets – Upper Body premix of Chest, Shoulders & Tris – 31 min
  • Friday – Cardio Supersets – Express mix #1-4 – 26 min
  • Saturday – Yoga Max – 30 min

Cathe Friedrich Low Impact dvd's & workout schedule from

Above is the photo of the dvd cover – all the workouts are in the case.  I also always use a workout schedule table that I made myself in word to keep track of what workouts I plan to do each week.  This helps me stay on track and I feel like if I write it down I am more likely to to hold myself accountable to complete the workouts.

I love all the workouts on these dvd’s and they are all low impact so not a lot of high intensity jumping around.  You still get a really great workout though.  My two favorites from this past week are the Slide & Glide disc and Turbo Barre.  Below are some photos of those workouts:

 Cathe Slide & Glide cardio workout

Cathe Turbo Barre workout

The Slide & Glide workout uses these plastic discs that came with the workout.  I think I have also seen them at the store or you can order them from  This workout is fun and something different.  I always feel great after doing this workout.

The Turbo Barre workout is done in bare feet or in my case I wore my yoga grip socks my husband bought me last year for Christmas.  It was cold the morning I did this workout and I don’t like to have cold feet!  This workout has a light weight – muscle conditioning – section at the beginning and I use 5 pound weights when doing that part.  There is also a section that used a loop band for the arms and the legs.  Great conditioning and lengthening for the muscles.  My cat likes to sit on the chair for part of this workout as seen in the one photo.  He is black so he is kind of hard to see.

Today I did the Yoga Max dvd – part of it.  The whole thing is about 48 minutes and I did 30 minutes.   It felt great to lengthen and tone early this morning.  My cat enjoyed the workout too.  I was getting ready to roll up my mat to put it in my bag and he came to sit by it.

yoga cat

I am trying to stay on track with my workouts during the holiday time as much as possible.  How are your workouts going during this busy time of year?

Have a great weekend!

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