Crazy For Cranberries

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One of the things I love about fall and the Thanksgiving holiday is cranberries!  I have been buying, cooking with and eating fresh cranberries for at least a month now.  I like the fact that I can get this huge jumbo bag of them at Sams Club.

I like to make traditional cranberry sauce, like the directions on the package of cranberries.  I recently developed my own new recipe using that concept but adding some rhubarb to the mixture.  It is really good – I have made it twice now.

Cranberry Rhubarb Sauce from Kimberlees Korner

Here is the recipe:


I really like this combination of the cranberries with the rhubarb.  It reminds me of being a child – my grandparents had a big garden and grew rhubarb.  My grandma always made rhubarb pie and this wonderful strawberry-rhubarb jam.  I actually bought the rhubarb to make this crisp recipe – which I did and I liked but then I decided to try it with the cranberries.  I have been enjoying it in the morning for breakfast with my Bob’s Red Mill 5 grain cereal or even as a dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I also like to eat it with this Linwoods flaxseed and goji berry blend that I bought recently at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Cranberry Rhubarb Sauce with Linwood Flaxseed Goji Berry blend on top from Kimberlees Korner

Another great thing about the combinations of cranberries and rhubarb is that both are great for your health and your skin.  They both contain Vitamin C.  Rhubarb is also high in calcium and water to keep you hydrated.  Rhubarb is also a natural food laxative and keeps your digestive system in good order.

I have also recently made this cranberry bread in my crock pot.  Yes, in the crock pot!Cranberry Almond Bread made in crock pot

 I got the Fix It and Forget It New Cookbook by Phyllis Good a few weeks ago from Sams.  I always have to check out the books at Sams and usually end up finding something to buy. This recipe was for Cranberry Almond bread made in your crock pot.  It turned out really well and my husband even liked it and I didn’t even know he liked cranberries.  The recipe uses fresh cranberries.  I tweaked it a little and used 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and 1/2 all purpose flour to make it a little more whole grain.  I really enjoyed eating this for breakfast with my cranberry rhubarb sauce.

I would love to hear about any of your cranberry recipes.  Please click on leave a reply to share them.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. When I lived in New York – Ocean Spray came out with a variety of cranberry sauces with different Fruit. When I moved to Texas – about 25 years ago that wasn’t available. So I used whole cranberry sauce and added HEB’s (I don’t know if you have HEB in Plano) Raspberry Fruit Spread. HEB’s fruit spreads are low in sugar and very good quality. I’ll have to look into making my own cranberry sauce. Looks great. And I just love Rhubarb too. My grandparent’s grew it in New York and I remember my grandmother’s strawberry-rhubarb pies. mmmmmm.

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