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Big Batch Ground Beef Recipe

This recipe is a really great freezer recipe and saves you a lot of cooking time on busy nights.  I discovered the original recipe in a Taste of Home cookbook called Freezer Pleasers several years ago.  I have changed it quite a bit over the years and developed my own version that freezes well and tastes great in recipes calling for ground beef.


Big Batch Ground Beef
Big Batch Ground Beef



This recipe is great for pre-cooking your ground beef and then freezing it in 1 to 2 pound packages that are all ready to use in recipes like chili, spaghetti or tacos.   I always keep a few packages in the freezer – they are a real time saver on a busy day.   The meat can be quickly thawed in the microwave or placed in your refrigerator to thaw the night before or in the morning.

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