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Books To Help You Learn More About Pinterest

Book Review on Pinfluence and Pinterest Power
Pinfluence and Pinterest Power – Great books to learn more about pinterest

Have you joined Pinterest?  Have you joined but don’t really know how to navigate your way around or see what Pinterest can do for you?  These two books can help you learn the world of Pinterest.

I joined Pinterest almost two years ago after a friend told me about it and how much I would enjoy pinning.  At first I just made a few boards, pinned a few things, and followed some of my friends.  Then, about a year ago I really got into the groove of using Pinterest.  I have started following some really interesting people, gained more followers myself, and found some really great things on there I would have never found without Pinterest.  For example:  blogs I now follow, crochet and knitting ideas and patterns, cleaning tips, garden ideas, photography info, recipes, sewing tutorials and lots of other valuable info.  There is something for everyone on Pinterest.  I consult my boards regularly for information, recipes and helpful tips on how to do things I am interested in learning.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to learn more about the wonderful world of Pinterest and how to use it more effectively.  I bought these two books:  Pinterest Power by Jason Miles and Karen Lacey and Pinfluence by Beth Hayden.  Both of these books are wonderful resources on learning Pinterest, in my opinion.  These books will give you the information you need to create a profile, have great pinterest boards and market your business.  There are lots of other good tips in these two books as well on things like Pinterest contests, email marketing, and connecting with other pinners.  The books are directed more toward marketing a business on Pinterest.  I think those that don’t have a business and just want to learn more about navigating Pinterest would also benefit from reading these two books.  The books have the basic information on creating beautiful boards, understanding pinning, repinning and commenting on pins.

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I am in no way affilated with these books or authors.  I just really love Pinterest, love to read and learn new things and wanted to share this information on my blog.  


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