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Workout Planning

Step Aerobics Cat
Step Aerobics Cat

Do you workout?  If so, do you plan your weekly workouts?  Here is my workout planner-schedule that I use to plan my workouts each week:  workout schedule table   If you click on the highlighted text you should be able to view the schedule and print the pdf if you wish to use it.  It is blank and you can fill in your own workouts.   This is my own simple form that I made a couple of years ago and it may or may not work for you.

I do believe if you schedule your workouts at the beginning of each week (I do mine on Sundays) you are more likely to stick with them.  I have been scheduling my workouts regularly for the last four or five years. I have been working out on my own since 2002.  I started with pilates and yoga.  We lived in Georgia then and our public library had a great selection of books and dvd’s on pilates and yoga.  That is how I began my fitness journey.  A couple of years later I began to incorporate cardio, kickboxing and strength training.  I now own quite a large collection of various dvd’s on different types of exercise.

Presently I like to vary my workouts from week to week as to what type of workout I am doing. I make myself a personal goal to workout at least 4 or 5 times per week.  I am most successful at achieving that goal if I get up early – before my kids – and get in a 30 to 45 minute workout.

One of the reasons I like to vary the types of workouts I do is so that I do not get bored of the same activity.  I have read that it is also good to vary your types of activities to confuse the muscles a bit and rev up the metabolism.  For example this week I am doing strength-weight training using my Jari Love Get Ripped dvd’s.  Last week I did yoga all week Monday thru Saturday using my Shiva Rea dvd’s.  Next week I will use my Cathe Friedrich XTrain dvd’s combining cardio and strength.

For me fitness is a daily part of my life.  I know that the 30 to 45 minute workout every morning is going to get me going for the day and give me the energy I need for my daily activities.

Also, it is sometimes helpful to have a workout partner or friend.  I the past I have walked with a neighbor or rode my bike with a friend or two.  These days my cat is my faithful workout friend.  I call him my personal trainer.  He loves my workout step and to do yoga – Savasana is one of his favorite things to do at the end of my yoga workouts.


Yoga Cat
Yoga Cat
Exercise Cat
My cat loves the slide & glide discs