Working Out Week 24 of 2014


This past week I decided to follow my same workout routine as the previous week doing cardio, biking and yoga.  I did cardio on Monday and Thursday, biking on Tuesday and Friday and yoga on Wednesday and Saturday.  To change things up from the previous week I used a different workout dvd, different magazine routines and my Flat Belly Yoga book – my schedule was as follows:

  • Monday 6-9 – Cathe Cross Fire dvd, Circuit Blast premix – 36 minutes
  • Tuesday 6-10 – Ride Bike + Foam Roller Stretch routine – 30 minutes
  • Wednesday 6-11 – Flat Belly Yoga Book – 20 minutes
  • Thursday 6-12 – Cathe Cross Fire dvd, Fitness Blast/Plyo Tabata/Core premix – 33 minutes
  • Friday 6-13 – Ride Bike + exercise ball abs routine from magazine – 33 minutes
  • Saturday 6-14 – Flat Belly Yoga Book – 15 minutes

I kind of took it a little easier this week and didn’t do any really long workouts.  I am really enjoying getting outside more and riding my bike early in the morning and I also rode my bike to the store on Wednesday for a few groceries, so I got a little extra workout in that day.

Kimberlees Korner

I really like the Cathe Friedrich Cross Fire dvd.  I did a couple of the different premixes on the workout this past week and even though they are only a little over 30 minutes you get a great workout and sweat a lot.  The core workout on this dvd was really good and had some new moves to work your abs.  The speed skater with weights is part of the cardio in this workout and challenging since you are adding 3 pound weights to the move.

Cathe Cross Fire - Speed Skater with weights  Kimberlees Korner
Speed Skater with weights – Cathe Cross Fire workout

For my yoga days this past week I chose to go back to using my Flat Belly Yoga Book by Kimberly Fowler.  I really like the exercise routines in this book and how the use of light weights are incorporated into the yoga moves.  The exercises are well explained and all the photos are in color.  When I did the 20 minute session on Wednesday I decided to take it outside again and do my yoga on the back patio.  I am really enjoying being able to workout outside on some days of the week.

Flat Belly Yoga book

This past week was the first week of summer break for my kids.  It was nice to have a less hectic week and not worry about getting kids off to school, packing lunches and picking them up at a set time every afternoon.  My oldest son is working this summer and has a lifeguard job at a local pool so that is keeping him busy.

I hope everyone had a great week and you have some workouts planned for the upcoming week.  I was planning my schedule for next week this morning and will share them again next Saturday.

Have a great day!


4 Replies to “Working Out Week 24 of 2014”

  1. I admire your commitment. I also like the way you switch things up so it doesn’t get boring. Thanks for sharing on the Creative Style Linkup.

  2. Hi there Kimberly,

    I found your post at the Creative Style linky. I was just telling my daughter I want to start doing Yoga. The thing is I have a bad back so I’m not sure if it’s for me or not but I’m willing to give it a try. Any starter tips for me?

    Also, where can I get a copy of the Flat Belly Yoga book? That books seems to tackle both of my interests so I would really like to get my hands on one :).

    Nice meeting you. I’m hoping we can connect! Have a great new week :).
    Corina Ramos recently posted…Infographic: Woman’s Body Shape and Fashion Advice For The Pear-Shaped DivaMy Profile

    1. Corina – thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I got my Flat Belly Yoga book at Barnes and Noble back in Oct or Nov when it first came out. I really like the book a lot. The author is the owner of a fitness studio that does spin classes and yoga. Her book has a fitness plan for walking and doing the yoga with weights. I don’t think that too many of the poses in her book would bother your back but I am not sure since I don’t have any back issues. There are not a lot of backbend type of poses though as some routines have a lot of those in yoga. Good luck to you with your new yoga adventure.

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