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I completed the first week of Beta round in T25 yesterday.  This is week 6 of our challenge group but week 1 of the Beta round, the new round of 5 different workouts.  The workouts in this phase are:

-Core Cardio     -Speed 2.0     -Rip’t Circuit     -Dynamic Core     -Upper Focus

All of the workouts are 25 minutes, just like the Alpha round, with a 2 to 3 minute cool down stretch at the end of each workout.

Below are some of the photo collages from the workouts:

Core Cardio Wk 1 of Beta Day 1

 wk 1 beta day 3 ript circuit

beta wk 1 day 4 dynamic core



I am loving the new workouts in this Beta round!  I think my body was ready for a change.  I had actually done the Alpha round for 8 weeks.  I had started the workouts before the challenge group started and had to begin all over again at week 1 of Alpha when the group started on July 29th.

The Beta round is a little more challenging since it seems faster paced.  Also, in a couple of the workouts you use some weights.  I used 10 pounds for Rip’t Circuit and 8 pounds for Upper Focus – you can also use an exercise band with handles that comes with the workout.  I was sweating a ton every day with each workout.  Speed 2.0 is so fast it was hard to keep up at times.

So far I think my favorite dvd in this round is Rip’t Circuit.  There is cardio and weight training in this workout – it is a great total body workout.  The time flew by on this one.  I can not wait to do it again next week.

Photo after finished Rip't Circuit - T25 - tons of sweat - also embroidered a new shirt that says "Get It Done" - Shaun T's motto
Photo after finished Rip’t Circuit – T25 – tons of sweat – also embroidered a new shirt that says “Get It Done” – Shaun T’s motto

In the above photo I am wearing a new workout shirt I embroidered that says GET IT DONE.  This is one of Shaun T’s phrases he uses in the workout.  I told my kids it is my-their new motto for getting things done that I ask them to do like chores, homework, etc.   I think I need to embroider more shirts and wear them every day as their reminder.

This week for a new recipe I made these Power Bites.  They are a blend of oats, protein powder, dried fruits with a nut butter and agave nectar.  They are no bake and pretty quick to make but your hands get kind of messy.  It is best to store them in the refrigerator in a container.


I hope everyone had a great week and got their workouts in.  I am looking forward to week 2 of Beta round next week.  I am also looking forward to next Saturday as I will be attending the Shauntervention event in Dallas.  I can’t wait to go to this and see Shaun T, the creator of Focus T25, live and hear what he has to say.  Therefore, next week I will probably post about the workouts and the event on Sunday.

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