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Sewing Tiered Skirts


Recently I have made a couple of new skirts.  After my jeans sewing marathon I switched to making skirts.  I love sewing skirts because they are easy and fun to make and go together very quickly, in my opinion.  They are also comfortable and fun to wear – especially in the spring and summer months.  Sometimes I think wearing a skirt is actually a lot cooler than wearing shorts in the hot Texas climate I live in.

Last week I wore a skirt four days out of seven.  My husband refers to it as being “dressed up” but I look at it as being cool and comfortably dressed and ready to go somewhere if the occasion arises.

Long Tiered Denim Skirt made by Kimberlees Korner


The long tiered skirt above is made from a lightweight denim that I bought at Joann a while ago.  I actually finished this one right before Easter weekend and was able to wear it to church with my Nymphalidea Shawl that I knitted and did a post about back in April.  I love this skirt and have so many things that it goes with since I love the color blue.  It is really comfortable to wear and looks great with boots or sandals.  The pattern I used to make this was New Look 6565 and it is super easy.  I think it takes longer to cut out the pieces you need than to actually sew it.

Short Denim Ruffle Skirt  Kimberlees Korner

The short denim skirt in the above photo is made using the same New Look pattern, 6565.  I just finished sewing this skirt a couple of weeks ago and have worn it a couple of times.  I did some stitching detail with a white thread and a zigzag stitch for the lower hems but it is hard to see.  These photos were a challenge to get since it was so windy that day – actually that whole week was windy.  I really wanted to get a photo with my roses in the background, though.

Black Tiered Skirt  Kimberlees Korner

The black skirt above was sewn using the same version of the pattern as the long denim one.  I made this one back in the fall and have worn it a lot since then.  For this skirt I used a lightweight broadcloth fabric and I like how easy it is to wear and wash – no wrinkles other than the gathered areas which is fine and the look I want.

These skirts are really simple to make as long as you are familiar with how to gather fabric.  Below is a little step by step photo on the process I use to gather – it is the old school way and it works just fine every time for me.

Gathering Steps for Tiered Skirts  Kimberlees Korner

To make these skirts you really just need a regular sewing machine but I would recommend finishing off all of your seams with a zigzag stitch or some type of overcast stitch your machine might have so that the seams do not fray.  I have a serger so I serged all of my seams.  If you have a sewing machine and a couple of hours time you can make this type of skirt.

What sewing projects are you currently working on?  (or any type of projects)  I usually have a sewing project, knitting project and a crochet project going at all times.  That way if I get bored or frustrated with one thing I can go to another.

Have a great day!


Sewing Pattern Review on Skirts

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sewing pattern review for skirt simplicity pattern 1662
sewing pattern review for skirt simplicity pattern 1662

I love to make skirts for spring and summer.  The fabrics they offer for these two seasons are just perfect for long or short skirts.  I also think that it is more comfortable to wear a skirt when it is hot outside than pants or shorts, sometimes.

I was recently at Hobby Lobby again – it seems I go there about every other week – and they had Simplicity patterns for .99 cents again.  I can not resist buying one when they are that low – even though I don’t need any more patterns!

This pattern, Simplicity 1662, offers 5 styles of asymmetrical skirts.  The skirts attracted my attention because they look comfortable, different than any of my other patterns, and easy to make.

simplicity pattern 1662 for asymmetrical skirts
simplicity pattern 1662 for asymmetrical skirts


So far I have made two of them using view A.  The navy one (photo above) is in a lightweight broadcloth and the red one (see photo below) is in a cotton print.  The red one I altered a little on my own to have a straight hem in the back.  I am always changing things on patterns, it seems, to create my own design.  The skirts have only a few pattern pieces and an elastic waistband.

red burst cotton skirt sewn with simplicity pattern 1662 view A


back view of red burst cotton skirt by Kimberlees Korner








These skirts are so easy to sew.  Definitely a project a beginner can make.  I have been sewing over 25 years and from start to finish, including cutting out the fabric, I made this skirt in a little under 2 hours.  A quick and easy summer project.  I am planning to make view E next, the longer version with the lower ruffle.

I hope everyone is having a great day and has a Happy 4th of July tomorrow.