Working Out Week 36 of 2014

This week was kind of short since there was the Labor Day holiday.  I kept thinking Tuesday was Monday and Wednesday was Tuesday.  Therefore when Friday got here I was wondering how the week went by so fast.

For week 36 I decided to pull out my T-25 workouts and alternate those with yoga.  So my schedule was one day cardio and the next day yoga.  This was similar to last weeks schedule but I used different workouts.  I really liked my schedule this week and the workouts I chose.

  • Monday – T-25 Alpha Cardio + 2 Ab Moves – 28 min.
  • Tuesday – Shiva Rea Yoga – AM Energy dvd – bonus segment Heart Salutation from Radiant Heart + 2 Ab Moves – 22 min.
  • Wednesday – T-25 Ab Intervals + 2 Ab Moves – 28 min.
  • Thursday – Shiva Rea Yoga – AM Energy dvd Shakti Flow + 2 Ab Moves – 22 min.
  • Friday – T-25 Lower Focus + Find Instant Calm Yoga workout + 2 Ab Moves – 50 min.
  • Saturday – Ride Bike + yoga + 2 Ab Moves – 35 min.

T 25 Alpha Cardio workout

The cat and I have missed Shaun T and his T-25 workout.  I forgot how much you can sweat in just 25 minutes!  I did the entire workout last year from August to October – the whole 10 week schedule with my facebook fitness group.  Most of it is written about in my past blog posts.  I also attended Shauntervention here in Dallas last year around this time.  It was an awesome all day event where I got to meet Shaun T and learn more about him and his positive motivation.

Shiva Rea AM Energy Yoga

Tuesday we (the cat and I) did the Shiva Rea AM Energy dvd that I own.  This one contains three different 20 minute segments plus one bonus 20 minute segment from the Radiant Heart dvd.  We did the bonus Heart Salutation and it felt awesome after the fast paced cardio the day before.  I love the Shiva Rea style yoga and have many of her dvd’s.  I guess the cat missed doing her yoga too as he was around on and off my mat for most of the workout.

T 25 Ab Intervals workout

Ab Intervals was the second T 25 workout of the week.  This one is a combination of floor abdominal work and then some cardio in between.  A great session for the abs and the back to strengthen the whole core.

Shiva Rea yoga AM Energy dvd

The photos above are from my second session of Shiva Rea’s AM Energy dvd.  This time I did the Shakti Flow session.  This one has a free flow yoga dance at the beginning and then goes into the yoga poses.  Another great workout the day after T 25 and my lower abs were really feeling it after Ab Intervals the day before and the core work in this yoga workout.

T 25 Lower Focus

Friday I did T 25 Lower Focus, a combination of leg cardio and toning moves.  Another sweaty workout session.  After this I did a 20 minute yoga workout from a Yoga Journal magazine called Find Instant Calm.  This was a good way to stretch out and “calm” down after the cardio.

Abdominal MovesThe entire week I also included these two abdominal moves at the end of my workouts.  You can see the cat liked those as well.  I found these two moves from a popsugar video last week and decided to make it a goal to do 20 reps of each every day this past week.  I almost forgot to do them yesterday but got them in – even though it was a couple hours after my finished workout.Baking Sourdough Bread

Last Saturday I made some really good sourdough bread using some starter I made earlier in the week.  My oldest son has discovered he likes sourdough bread for sandwiches so I decided to make the dough in my bread machine and then bake the oval shaped loaves in the oven.  It made two loaves so I was able to freeze one.  Everyone has decided (all 5 of us) that the bread is really good.  I will be making it again in the near future.

Baking Sourdough Bread


Endurance Discipline Determination

Weekly Fitness Tip:  Endurance, Discipline, Determination – Keys to Daily Success

  • Starting an exercise program and then sticking with it are one of the keys to becoming more fit and healthy – Endurance
  • Getting your workout in regularly is not always easy or enjoyable but the end results are worth it – Discipline yourself to Just Do It and you will be glad you did
  • Remember that exercise daily repeated over time will get you results – Determination

-I think that once you begin a regular exercise regime and stick with it that it becomes part of who you are and what you do.  There are days I wake up and feel tired (didn’t sleep well) or just not very motivated to do my scheduled workout – but I choose to get up, get going, and get it done – which makes me feel so much better afterwards.

I hope everyone had a great week.  The weather here is still hot so I am not sure about getting ready for fall yet but it looks like I need to start thinking about it.  I have started stocking up on cans of pumpkin to try some of the new recipes I recently found on pinterest.  I also need to make a new fall wreath so I will probably work on that later this coming week.

Take care,


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10 thoughts on “Working Out Week 36 of 2014

    1. kimberlee kimberlee

      Diatta – thanks for stopping by. I enjoy making the homemade breads and will make it for a while and then move on to something else – kind of like my workouts – I have to have variety. I will say the bread machine has been a good investment for me and I am also using a bread machine book that I bought like 15 years ago – so I guess I am getting good use out of the book, too. T 25 is a great workout! I am not doing the entire program on the schedule like I did last year but it is still giving me a great workout the way I am using it. Take care, Kimberlee

  1. The Frugal Exerciser

    My cat Ginger was watching me exercise today also LOL. Home workouts are great and there is nothing like not having to dress up for your workouts. I’m not fond of sourdough bread but the picture above makes it look delicious. I love homemade bread. Thanks for visiting the #wowlinkup
    The Frugal Exerciser recently posted…Workout Wednesdays – WOW! #44My Profile

    1. kimberlee kimberlee

      I like your cats name! We have 2 cats but just this one hangs out with me every day for my workouts. I have never belonged to a gym so I have never had to worry about dressing to impress or look good for working out. I get up, throw on the workout clothes, feed the cats and then workout – otherwise I don’t think it would get done.

    1. kimberlee kimberlee

      Thanks Amanda! The 2 loaves I made in the photo are now gone – one I even froze but took it out over last weekend and we ate it (well, mostly my family ate it). I just made another loaf of it a couple of days ago and it is more than half gone and this was a big loaf – I find my husband in the kitchen in the late evening having it for a snack!

    1. kimberlee kimberlee

      Thanks Sherry! It was pretty good – whole family liked it. I made another loaf of it yesterday. Today I am going to make honey wheat dough in the bread machine and then bake it in the oven. Have a good week!

  2. kimberlee kimberlee

    Julie – yes, I like to make my own bread a lot. I go through spurts with it. I feel like it is a lot healthier if I make it and my family seems to enjoy it. The hardest part about the sourdough bread is having to make the starter and let it sit for several days to become “sour” Once that is done you can make it pretty easily if you have a bread machine. I hope you are having a good week so far.

  3. Julie

    Hi Kimberlee, it’s so amazing that you made your own bread! Wow! I never made bread before except for Irish Soda Bread. I can’t believe that you use coconut oil to take off eye makeup! Coconut Oil has so many good uses. Enjoy the rest if the weekend.
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