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Sewing A Quilt As You Go Table Runner


Sewing a quilt as you go table runner is a very easy project that can be made in just a few hours.  I recently made this little table runner to go on our new-used dining room table that we bought a couple of weeks ago at B & B Consignment Store in Plano, TX.   quilt as you go Valentines Day table runner

This project was made using fabrics from my stash that I have probably had for at least five years (or more).  At least I was able to use up some fabric, create something I like and I didn’t have to buy anything to make it since I had everything.  The piece of batting I used for the quilt was actually a scrap piece I had laying around.

My runner measures 32 inches long by 18 inches wide but you can really customize a project like this to be whatever size you want.  Basically you cut your base-backing fabric and your batting a little larger than your actual finished size and then you cut it once you are through sewing on the strips and before doing your binding.

To make this particular size you need about a yard of one cotton fabric and half a yard of a coordinating print for the contrasting strips and the binding.  Basically what I did was cut the heart fabric I had 4 1/2 inches wide because I wanted the print, which was kind of large, to show up and then I cut the contrasting fabric 2 1/2 inches wide for the strips as well as the binding.

close up of fabric strips on quilt as you go table runner

You then begin by laying your fabric backing piece down with the wrong side facing up then lay the batting on top of that.  Then find your center point and center one of the 4 1/2 inch strips there and lay a 2 1/2 inch strip on top of that and sew it with a 1/4 inch seam – I use a walking foot which I recommend so the pieces do not shift.

laying strips on batting for quilt as you go method


sewing strips with a walking foot to batting and backing of quilt

I just continued to alternate my 4 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 inch strips until I got to the one end then I did the same to the other end – ending with a 2 1/2 inch strip on each end.   NOTE:  After you sew each strip you will need to press them open so the right sides are facing up before sewing the next strip.

Then when both ends are done you will trim the excess batting and backing.  It is best to do this with a rotary cutter and a quilt ruler.trimming the excess batting and backing from the quilt

After this step you are ready to bind the quilt.  I used three 2 1/2 inch strips sewn together to make a very long strip – I then pressed it in half to be 1 1/4 inch with the wrong sides together.  I like to sew my binding on to the wrong side and then wrap it around, press it and sew it to the right side but everyone has a different method for this it seems.

sewing binding onto quilt

Mitering the corners when sewing on the binding is always a challenge for me.  I have studied books on it and just try and do the best I can.  I figure this is for me so I don’t have to have it totally perfect.  Once the binding is sewn all the way around I then press it to the front side of the quilt, pin the corners and topstitch it down using my number 10 edge stitch foot and the needle in the far right position. You could also use a regular presser foot with possibly the inner toe of the foot as a guide.

topstitching binding to quilted table runnerI then press the quilt one more time and it is done.

quilt as you go table runner from Kimberlees Korner This table runner is super easy to make and can be made with any type of fabric combination – not just Valentine’s Day like mine.  It is also a great stash buster project if you have some fabrics laying around, like I did, that you want to use up.  table runner and roses

I will be offering the pdf pattern with step by step instructions and photos on how to sew this in my etsy shop and on craftsy in the near future.  I wanted to share it here first on my blog since I got it done a few days ago and today is Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day!


P.S.  I will also be doing a post in the next month on the new table we bought at the consignment store and how I recovered the chair seats so follow my blog to receive updates.

Valentines Day Mantel


After seeing so many pretty Valentines Day mantels on pinterest lately I decided I needed to get busy and decorate mine for the holiday.  I usually just put up my little heart fabric and button garland that I made many many years ago  (like before I had kids) and leave it at that along with my regular mantel decor.

This year after having my husband get the Valentines decorations out of the attic I decided to pull out some things to go on the mantel.  I also went to Hobby Lobby and bought this pretty flower garland.  It was not considered Valentine decor but I figured I could use it now and still use it in the Spring.Valentines Day Mantel  Kimberlees Korner

As you can see it is quite simple.  I used some candles on the ends.  One is handmade from soy, the white one, – my neighbor makes them and gave it to us as a Christmas gift.  The other is just a red Yankee candle in a large jar.   I love my little heart garland that I learned how to make so long ago from a book all about holiday fabric garlands.

Picture with words   Kimberlees Korner

The picture in the photo above is a very old frame and print I have had for almost 20 years.  This was a wedding present from one of my sister-in-laws.  I have always loved the saying in the picture “Those who love have all things.”

Valentines Day decor  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

The vase above is also pretty old and was a wedding gift from some friends of ours.  It is a Lenox vase.  I have not used it very much in the past since breakable things and a house of 3 sons do not mix so well.  The boys are older now though and the vase is probably safe up on the mantel, I think.

The clock that is always above our mantel was also a wedding gift from my parents.  It matches our mantel really well.  I once had a friend that was visiting ask if the previous owners of our house left the clock there for us since it matches the mantel almost perfectly.

Click on Leave a Reply and let me know what kind of decorating you do for Valentines Day.     Have a great day!

KimberleeValentines Day Mantel   Kimberlees Korner