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Fall Crochet Shrug

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This shrug is a crochet project that I recently finished.  I actually started it a year ago and then it quickly became a UFO – or unfinished object.  I am sure if you crochet, knit or sew you know what I am talking about.  For some reason there are just certain projects that you set aside and intend to go back to but that doesn’t happen in a timely manner.  Well, this was one of those.  I am so glad to have finished it and have already been able to wear it once.

Fall Crochet Shrug

The colors of this shrug remind me of Fall.  The yarn I used to crochet this was a cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby called I Love This Cotton.  It is a great cotton yarn to work with and I have used it for a lot of other scarves and shawls that I have crochet or knit.  It also washes well.   I used three coordinating colors – a brown, orange and a maroon.  The maroon is my son’s high school color so the shrug will go with my band Mom shirt.

Fall Crochet Shrug

Shrugs are a great accessory to have, in my opinion.  They stay on better than a shawl or wrap and they keep your shoulders, upper arms and back warm.  I live in a warmer climate so they are perfect to wear in the early spring or fall.  I have also made some bulky weight shrugs that are nice to wear around the house in the winter when you are cold.

I will eventually be writing up a pattern on how to crochet this shrug but I am going to do another test run of crocheting it in a different yarn first.  Currently I am working on a crochet cowl and a knit cowl – I hope to have both of them done in the next couple of weeks.

What crochet or knitting projects are you currently working on?  Click on Leave a Reply and tell me about them.

Have a great day!Fall Crochet Shrug

– Kimberlee


Crochet Yoga-Pilates Strap


If you do yoga or pilates then you know that sometimes there is a need for a strap or belt for some of the poses or exercises.  Basically this is a long piece of sturdy fabric.  I have a really old purple canvas type of belt that I believe came with a yoga dvd I bought years ago.  I decided it would be fun to crochet my own – this is what I came up with:

Crochet Yoga Pilates strap pattern   Kimberlees Korner

To make this strap you will need cotton yarn – 2 skeins, and a size US K crochet hook.  I just used some leftover yarn from other projects so you will not need the whole 2 skeins – this is a great project to use up some yarn you have laying around.  I have written up a pdf pattern that you can download with directions on how to.  Click on the highlighted text to take you to the pattern.  Crochet Yoga or Pilates Strap Pattern from Kimberlees Korner

I really like how this strap turned out and have used it a couple of times in the past week or two.  It is super easy and fast to crochet.  The cotton yarn makes this yoga strap nice and soft and washable, too.  It would be a great gift for any person you know that does yoga or pilates.   I have a few people in mind that I will be making some for as gifts.

Here are some of the exercises you can do with this strap:

Crochet Yoga Strap Exercises  Kimberlees Korner

There are lots of other exercises you can do, these are just a few to give you an idea.  This strap is also a great stretching and flexibility tool which is what I was using it for in the photos as I did this after doing a cardio and ab workout.  I normally do yoga or pilates without my shoes on.

I hope you enjoy the pattern.  I am currently working on a couple of new knitting patterns that I will be sharing soon.  What projects are you working on?

Have a great day!



Crochet and Knitting Olympic Style


The opening ceremony of the Olympics in Sochi inspired me to get busy and crochet and knit some Team USA scarves.  I really liked the sweaters the USA team wore and I decided to design my own Olympic knitwear.

The first project I designed last week and crocheted every evening while watching the games was this Infinity Scarf.  I used a US K crochet hook so it worked up pretty fast.  The scarf is a multi color scarf using 3 different yarns.  It was a lot of fun to make.    I have already wore it a few times – although our weather in Texas has gotten kind of warm the last couple of days so I am glad I wore it last week.

Crochet Olympic Infinity Scarf  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

This crochet Infinity Scarf can also be worn long – the above photo it is double wrapped.  I wore it to church the other day the long way since it was a little warmer that day.

Crochet Infinity Scarf   Kimberlees Korner

The other scarf I designed is a knit version.  I knitted this one in a pretty feather and fan stitch.  It was fairly easy and I think it actually went faster than my crochet version – which is unusual because I think I crochet faster than I knit.  I used size US 10 needles for the knit version and again 3 colors of various yarns – 2 of them the same as the crochet version.    This too was a lot of fun to create.  It could also be made in other color combinations for various holidays or seasons.

Olympic Knit Scarf  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Knit Olympic Team USA scarf   Kimberlees Korner

Both of these scarves are patterns I have designed and they will be coming soon to my etsy shop and to my craftsy pattern store.

I have been in Team USA creative mode and also made a really pretty wreath.  I will be posting that in the next couple of days with instructions on how to make it so be sure to subscribe to my blog via bloglovin, email or RSS by clicking on the icons in the sidebar.

Have a great day!


Fleece Scarf with Crochet Trim Edge

I have been busy creating lots of new crochet, knitting and sewing patterns.  I had to make some time to post my new fleece scarf with crochet trim.  This scarf is very easy to make if you know how to crochet and can cut some fleece fabric.  There is no sewing required with this scarf only cutting fabric and crochet.

red fleece scarf with crochet trim edge  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Supplies needed to make this scarf:

  • 3/8 yd of fleece fabric
  • worsted weight yarn in multi color – I used Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn in Denim Plus
  • size US H crochet hook
  • applique scissors or some small very sharp scissors
  • fabric cutting scissors
  1. Cut the fleece 12 inches wide by the width of the fabric.  Trim off selvage ends.
  2. Using the applique scissors poke (or make a very tiny clip) across the lower edge of each scarf end approx. 1/4 in. from the edge and 1/2 in. apart – I made about 20.

Applique scissors  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Using the size H crochet hook and a yarn that works well with this size hook follow these instructions:

Row 1:  Pull yarn through one corner hole (leave a 6 in. tail to weave in later), ch 5, *slip stitch into next hole, pull up yarn and through ch on hook, ch 5, rep from * across, slip stitch in last hole at the end, turn.

Pull Yarn Through Corner  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Row 2:  *ch 6, sc in next ch 5 sp, rep from * end with sc in last ch 5 sp, turn.

Row 2  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Row 3:  *ch 8, sc in next ch 6 sp, rep from * across end with sc in last ch 6 sp, turn

Row 4:  *ch 10, sc in next ch 8 sp, rep from * across end with sc in last ch 8 sp, turn

Row 5:  ch 1, *9 sc in next ch 8 sp, rep from * across to last ch sp.  Fasten off, Weave in ends.

Row 5 of scarf trim  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Pattern Abbreviations:  ch – chain       ch sp – chain space    rep – repeat     sc – single crochet                                         sp – space

Crochet Trim on Fleece Scarf  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Fleece Scarf with Crochet Trim Edging  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

I really like how this turned out.  The crochet trim gives some color and fun to a plain fleece scarf.  I hope you enjoy the pattern.  Please follow my blog for future updates and patterns.  The buttons for bloglovin, email or RSS feed are on the right.

Have a great day!                                                                                                                                Kimberlee


Fun with Fleece and Yarn


Recently I made these fleece hats for us to take a family photo in this year.  The hat idea came from one of my twin sons when I made his Halloween costume.  He was Toonlink – a video game character -and needed this long pointy hat.   His twin brother liked it so well he wanted one in his favorite color yellow.  I decided it would be fun to make all 5 of us one each in a different color for a photo.   Well, the idea was all good but getting 3 teenage boys to wear them and have their photo taken was another issue.  So, we just took a family photo without the hats.  Below is me wearing my hat.

Fleece Blue Hat  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

When I went to Joann Fabrics to buy the fleece I got carried away – as I usually do when buying fabric – and bought extra with some other ideas in mind.  So I got busy with my one idea and here is the result – a fleece scarf with yarn ruffle trim.

Fleece Blue Scarf with Yarn Ruffle trim  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

I cut the fleece approximately 11 in. wide by the width of the fabric.  I then serged the edges using a variegated blue thread in the upper looper.  I crocheted this big loopy ruffle and then sewed it onto the fleece scarf after serging the edges.  This yarn was just some I had leftover from another project I made in the past.  It only took about 75 yards of yarn for both ruffles.

After making my above “sample” version and seeing that it turned out I decided to use this dark green fleece and make a couple of gift items.  I have a lot of family up in Michigan, where I am from, and they are all MSU fans.  I decided since MSU is going to the Rose Bowl this year this would make a fun gift.

Green Fleece Scarf with Yarn Ruffle Edging  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

This scarf I decided to add a pocket on each side so you can have a place to keep your hands warm or hold  your cellphone, ipod, etc.  The ruffle was then attached to the lower part of the scarf.  This particular ruffle was crocheted using 2 colors of yarn held together.  I really like how it turned out.

I also made another version of a hat for a gift.  It was super fast and easy.  I used my pointy hat basic pattern and shortened it and made a curved top then just serged the curved edges and turned up the lower edge and used a zigzag stitch for a small hem with white thread so it would be in MSU colors.  My son is modeling it in the below photos.

Fleece Hat  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Back-Top View Fleece Hat  www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

I still have extra fleece to use up and have another idea for a scarf.  I am hoping when the Christmas rush calms down I can get it done and post it on my blog before the New Year gets here.

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season.  I have been a bit overwhelmed with completing my shopping and getting all my packages mailed out.  I feel a little better now that I got the last of the gifts mailed yesterday.  I am hoping they get there by Christmas.

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Crochet Motif Jacket

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The crochet motif jacket is complete.  I love the way it turned out!  I got the idea to make this from a picture I saw on a magazine at the store.  I have been wanting to make one for a while now and decided to start it back in October.  I finished it a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to photograph it last week when I wore it one day.

Crochet Motif Jacket made by Kimberlee from Kimberlees Korner

Back view of crochet motif jacket from www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

The motifs were crocheted first using a large size crochet hook – so they were quick to crochet.  The part that took the longest was deciding on placement and then sewing it together.  I left it on our dining room table for about two days before I actually got around to sewing them all together.  Even after I was done I made a couple of adjustment to the front ones so it would lay right.

Crochet motif jacket layout  from www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

When I wore the jacket the other day my husband commented on how nice it looked on me but he questioned the warmth of it.  I told him it was more of an artistic fashion item and not a sweater for warmth.  It is surprisingly warm though when you have it on and comfortable to wear.   I don’t think I will wear it on a really cold day but it is perfect for a mild weather day here in Texas.  I love how it looks with jeans and I am currently planning to make a denim skirt that I think will go with it really well.

Crochet motif sweater jacket by Kimberlee www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

The yarn I used for this project was from Hobby Lobby.  It is called Debut and is one of their brands of yarn.  It is really soft and comes in lots of pretty colors.  I chose to use 3 colors for my project which were midnight, stormy blue and smoke.  I tend to wear a lot of blue or gray in the fall and winter so I thought those colors were best for me.

Crochet Motif Jacket made by Kimberlee www.kimberleeskorner.com/blog

Sorry for so many photos – I just really like how this turned out and wanted to show the front, side and back views.  I am planning to write up the pattern of how I made this and have it available on etsy and craftsy in the future.  Right now I am busy working on other crochet, knitting and sewing patterns and have not gotten this one written up and published.

What crochet or knitting projects are you currently working on or have finished?  I would love to hear about them.  Click on Leave a Reply to tell me about them.

Have a great day!

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Crochet Cape Project


Recently, I finished this crochet cape project.  I made this cape for my grandmother for a gift for her this Christmas.  She is in her 90’s and somewhat sedentary these days since she suffered a stroke and broken hip back in April.  My mother mentioned to me that she was going to need some things to wear around her to keep her warm this winter as she lives in Michigan, where it is cold in the winter.

Crochet Cape with Ruffle yarn edging by Kimberlee from Kimberlees Korner

Back of Crochet Cape from Kimberlees Korner

I crocheted this cape using Homespun yarn from Lion brand in the color spice.  I love the colors of the Homespun as well as how soft and warm it is.  I really like to crochet and knit with this yarn in the winter months.  The lower edge of the cape features a ruffle yarn as the trim.  The yarn is from Patons and called Pirouette.  I like how some of the ruffle yarns coordinate with the Homespun yarn so well.  I have also made a crochet scarf using the ruffle yarn as just an edging and knit a wrap using the ruffle yarn just on the edge and the Homespun yarn as the base of the wrap.

Ruffle yarn edging on cape by Kimberlee from Kimberlees Korner

This pattern is something I designed on my own.  I do have the pattern available in my etsy shop if you are interested in crocheting one yourself.  Click on the highlighted word etsy to take you to that link.  

I made my grandmother a lap throw several years ago that I crocheted in different colors to go with her couch.  She says she loves it and uses it all the time.  I am hoping she will like this cape, too.  It is always nice to hear when people are using the things you made for them.

What gifts are you crocheting or knitting for people this Christmas?  Click on Leave a Reply and tell me about them.

Have a great day!

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